Jordan 3 Knicks

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That color scheme HAS to be the worst selling one possible. Complete trash for casual wear. It baffles me why they keep doing it. Why Knicks? Wgaf? Why not suns or magic or something? Didn’t the magic start in 88? Do that, Knicks colors are so wack to me

Pistol Pete 3s would be way more dope. Purple gold and green 3s are better than orange navy and white. Looking like arena parking lot security
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Definitely will be copping these with a knicks starter jacket for the fall( these ...seattle supersonics 10s to go with a jets jersey ) & red & black 11s
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Nah these are definitely a go. In for a pair for sure!

EDIT: they need to shuffle some of these dates around ASAP. They got these and the game royal 12s coming out a day a part if those purported dates stick
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