Jordan Brand Blunders/Mistakes


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After seeing the "champio_ship" mistake on the sz 14 AJX's, it got me thinking that JB has quite a few blunders in the past decade. Duh.

And no, I'm not talking about unfavorable releases such as the Spiz'ike, Dub Zero mashup shoes. Nor am I talking about the supply/demand curve. This post is dedicated to show odd/weird mistakes/errors we've seen from Jordan Brand's history. Things that should have been caught before the shoes were released. Please post any that you can think of...Please refrain from posting fakes, and unpopular shoes just to be funny. Those will be deleted on site...

2000 Space Jam release "JORDNA" typo:

This appeared on many people's Space Jam boxes from 2000. In fact, every now and then, someone will post a pair up in our legit check forums questioning the authenticity of their shoes due to this mistake....No worries. Your shoes are most likely real...Your box is just misspelled.

Upside down/mis-stitched Jumpmans:

Concord XI's with an upside down tag?? Uh Oh...Now you understand why I don't consider the "JOQDAN" tags fake. If JB can screw this up, I'm certain they can miss the other leg to an R.

Whoops. When ever I see people talk about early release sites selling fake shoes and talking about common quality issues about them, I think of these two blunders. Both shoes are as legit as they come, but whoever did the quality inspection must not have been wearing their glasses that day. That, or maybe these are Jabbawockeez PE's??

Wrong Dates:

This is the gold dog tag from the Air Jordan XI DMP's. Notice the error? You probably wouldn't unless you were some sort of Michael Jordan freak like I am. The date should read: June 16th, 1996...The actual date MJ and the Bulls won their 4th championship. On June 26th, MJ was probably in Vegas or the Bahama's smoking a stogey.

Wrong again....Besides the fact that these shoes were worn in the playoffs and NOT in March of 1993. The correct date should read January 16th, 1993. Jordan didn't even play on this date. MJ did score 60+ points on a March 4th, but it was 6 years before and against the Pistons. How does this happen? A simple Google search would pull up the correct dates. It's completely unacceptable that a pack with so much emphasis on historic dates can't even seem to get it right.

Jordan ad department lets one slip past 'em...

In 2005, Jordan Brand's ad campaign which featured notable athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, Terrell Owens and Quentin Richardson, put out this doozy. The shot featured shows some random dude wearing what appears to be a white/blue Air Jordan III. However, these never released and after much debate, we chalked it up as another blunder put out by JB. It also brought to light that fakes were starting to run so rampant that they could even squeak by in Jordan Brand ads..

Jordan brand uses picture of FAKE shoes on their shirt.

At first glance, it looks harmless. Right? Another inspired-lacking shoe shirt. But many of us had seen this photo before. And soon enough, the NT detectives were hot on the case. We HAD seen the picture before but not where you'd expect. The image actually came from a fake's selling website which were selling white/fire red IV's years before the 'Mars" retro came out. Don't believe me? Judge for yourself:

One of the big red flags about this picture was the fact that the Nike hangtag was strategically placed in front of the side netting. Before 2004, an easy way to spot if IV's were fake was to check if the netting lined up to the wings. It should have been perfectly parallel. Now days the netting doesn't matter as much. What's crazy now, is that these fakes are probably better quality than some of the stuff their passing onto us now.

JB recalled Wings Hoody:

This may have been one of the worst pieces of clothing to EVER come out by ANY brand! This was AFTER the whole "Dead Serious" LRG full zip hoody phase... Most of these were re-called, but not due to the alien-looking MJ that fully zipped or lead based paint, but because it did not "accurately represent Jordan Brand"....Really? I wonder how many people lost their job at JB because of this?
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people were examining the elephant print on that wht/blue 3 in the ad, ha ha
most thought they were fake, some pre-release joints!
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haha! like that first pic @ijapino. ;-) does that give me an additional 100 posts to my stats? lol jk.

great thread! looking forward to more pics!!!
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 I remember that Ad and that shirt.

I believe smaller sizes of the Air-Jordan X retros from 2005 also had a error in spelling somewhere on the sole. Can anyone confirm this?
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Not for nothing but unfortunately Fakes has also promoted and help the Jordan Brand grow and become what it is today.


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I saw this on jumpmanbostic video on youtube.

Thank God I'm a 13.
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The ad is the best to me, I remember the backlash over that one. There was a women's Jordan III released afterwards that resembled the ones in the ad.
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I've seen some of the circle jordan logo on the bottom of the 13 that are upside down.  It's the bottom of the shoe but its still kind of strange.
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I would def not rock those aquas with shorts lmao. Interested to see where this thread goes ill be contributing if i find anything
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Not sure if this counts, but my 2011 Black Cement 3s have an imprint of the I in A I R next to the actual I, as if the shoe slipped under the machine as the letters were getting painted 
 Annoys me a little, but you can't really see it when the shoe is being worn
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nice thread.

i can't find the pics, but someone's dtrt 3's came with the two tones of blue on the upper opposite on each shoe. one had the main part darker and the other had the narrow stripe darker.
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The Brand's Been Making Little Mistakes Since The Get Go.....

My Original 1985 Royal 1's With A Factory Level Mistagging:

Always Wondered If This Somehow Would Increase Their Value


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Here are a few more errors. The funny thing is that both these pairs are my cousin's. Dude should try his luck at the lotto...


At first site, they appear to be normal, right? Compare them to these:

Still can't spot it? The numbers on the right shoe SHOULD read 4-5-6, but my cousin's pair clearly shows 1-2-3 on BOTH shoes.

And what about these?? AJ IV Mars:

Upside down Jumpmans, I can understand. Typos? Sure, why not. But this is completely unacceptable! On one shoe, the netting is a dark grey, while the other shoe features a white net. It's like they just used whatever they could find to scrap together this pair. It's not like any other AJIV used a grey netting, so I'm not sure HOW this mistake was done. I'd almost rather have the pair of fakes pictured on the shirt rather than these....almost!

And one more...18 years of Love shirt....or is it 19?:

This shirt released right after MJ announced his 3rd and final retirement. There was a bunch of "18 years of Love" and MJ commemorative gear that released but this shirt in particular stands out above them all. The shirt featured every model of the Jordan line from I to [color= rgb(255, 255, 0)]XVIIII[/color]. Yes, you read that correctly. [color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]XVIIII[/color]. For those that are roman numeral illiterate, that would make this number 19. Except that 19 = XIX. 
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awesome thread. brings back a lot of JB blunders.

luckily over time, the QC at JB has improved
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Great thread!
lol so much for everyone inspecting these before hitting the market. QA Dept is definitely underpaid as well as them not caring either.
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