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Dec 14, 1999
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Went to clearance store in Pigeon Forge, TN and it's a store that everything is 49.99 or less and they had the first colorway, black and red, and the omega XX2's in 9 - 10.5 for 49.99 and they also had 10 pairs of the olives in size 9 for 49.99 and the Cal team travel sweats for 19.99.
Yeah I am almost sure they ship though... I got some xx2's, the kobe 2's, the jordan cal sweats, and some usc drifit shirts all for 115.
^does that clearance store have a website?

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I called pigeon they said that they have HUNDREDS of pairs of OLIVES FSR, No phone orders for the weekend though, he is what im ordering on Monday-

Jordan XX2 Blk/Red - 49.99
Jordan V Olive - 49.99
Air Force Stat Wht/Blk/Purple - 34.99

I LOVE Pigeon Forge !
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Kid Lebron, whats the number for that store?
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I did but i was trying to figure out if the factory store and the clearance store are the same.
Do you guys know if the jordans came in the og box or a cut up nike box? Also is the deal for 20 or 30% still good on purchases over 100? Thanks
those shirts up there look pretty cool especially the one with all the shoes on it
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
EastTNjaysox did you see anyother size besides a size 9 because i called the store and they said they only have a size 9, but alot of people are saying they have a full size run, do you mind telling me what you saw there.
I'll just try to give some information on the Pigeon Forge Outlets. I didn't take inventory or anything and I didn't keep track of the other JB shoes. I only care about the signature line, but I did see some other stuff (Melo, Bloyal, etc.) I called last night and the manager said he was getting a lot of calls. I decided to just drive down there an hour and a half to see if I could get my size. There are a tremendous amount of people that go through the outlets everyday (especially on the weekend) and with everyone wanting to do a phone order, I didn't want to take a chance.

-I don't think the two stores are the same. The factory outlet has cheaper prices but they don't necessarily have clearance prices like the clearance outlet. Also, the factory outlet didn't carry these Jordans that are in question. I only saw XXI lows in the white/university blue colorway (I didn't check sizes, may have been around $80) at the factory outlet.
-I don't know what will be available for phone orders on Monday because I went a 10:30 A.M. and a lot can change. They had 3 different models of the XX2, two white and one black. They didn't have very many of the Omega (I think that's right). They had more in the other white and the most was in the black. With the XX2's, mostly all that was left was sizes 9-10. There might have been a couple size 10.5 in the black.
-I saw a few Fire Red V's, but they were all huge (around size 17).
-With the Olive V, I only saw around three pairs in the floor. I didn't ask if they had more in the back, but I did ask about the size. I was told they only have size 9.
-Also, when I was leaving they brought out 4 pairs of XX1's. I don't know how much, but they were all size 12. I saw black leather and grey suede XX1's.
-I didn't check all the shoes, but I didn't notice any B-grade labels on the XX2's.
-If you order XX2's make sure you get them to check the air pods if you want them. Some boxes only had one or none. Others had one black and one white.

I hope this helps and good luck tomorrow with the phone orders.
I went back to Pigeon Forge today and no more olives in front or back and the XX1's they had were 49.99 and managed to get a pair of grey suedes. They might have more in back call and check.
the guys told me that they will stop doing phone orders cause they had like 100 calls this morning
no more jordan v olive
just ordered the black/red XX2 from pigeon forge. guy was super friendly. got me a size 11.
i need an 11.5 but if my memory serves me right, theres a little room in the toe. hopefully im good.
only large sizes 16,17 in black/metallic 5 and olives. only a few sizes in blk/red and wht/blk/red XX2.
if your looking for omega XX2s they got plenty. he said shipments keep coming and they are from
a niketown,so they are not ''B'' grade. he even when as far as checking for both sets of air pods for me.
$49.99 + tax and shipping, for the xx2,i wont even complain.

i got some size 11 heat,deadstock. get at me

Agree with you 100%

The staff at pigeon forge was excellent despite the mass amounts of calls they recieved.
Maybe I sound like an old fart but I remember when helping people out was part of the fun in the community.

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