Jordan Sky High - Holiday 2010

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Another closer look into what’s to come for this year’s holiday season, we look at a pair which most of you would mistake right off the bat with a certain Blazer-like-Jordan. But in fact, this silhouette is what the PHLY’s were obviously based off of. It would also be a mistake to say that these are simply an anticipated release of a design that came years before the PHLY, when in fact, these are technically retros.

Until the AJ VII, the Jumpman only existed on tongues, so the Nike Air Jordan Sky High was created back in the late 1980’s as an experiment to see how the Jumpman logo would look on the upper.  Originally created in canvas, it also saw some leather designs, but the model itself never really saw a long life.  Becoming a very rare pair to own, a pair or two popped up on eBay a few years ago, but other than that, only a select few sneaker OGs have ever had the pleasure of seeing an original pair in person.  But soon these will be officially revived by JB like it’s fellow canvas cousin, the AJKO.  Here you’ll see it will be released in a similar white canvas upper, as well as a black colorway, however we also expect that it will also drop in leather versions, maybe even sooner than these holiday gems.  Stay tuned for further info.



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Thanks for the info/pics. I don't like them, pretty ugly IMO. better then the PHYLs but easy pass for me.
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Could have sworn they just released the Jordan Phly not to long ago. Yes I do know the difference.
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anyone need to buy some stuff from the garage sell ima have to make so that i can afford all the shoes comnig out. come on il let my TV and computer go right now for 200.
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i am kind of intrigued by these. probably wont cop though. JB is pullin out all the stops, some people will love, some will hate.

They cant just release straight HEAT all the time, they gotta try new things, some shoes are just meant as casual wear.
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