Jordan Summer/Fall Release Dates and Pictures

May 3, 2003
dont know if this info was posted yet, but it's new to me so I just thought I'd throw it out there.

XIX Low White/Cement-Blk 308513-111 $115

XIX Regional Pack 307546-002(West Coast) 307546-101(Mid-West) 307546-161(East Coast) $165

Retro IV White/Chrome-Classic Green 308497-101 $100

XIX Low Black/Metallic Silver-Var. Red 308513-001 $115

Retro VII Olympic White/Metallic Gold-Midnight Navy-True Red 304775-171 $125

XIX SE White/Metallic Gold-Midnight Navy 308492-171 $165

Retro IV Cool Grey/Dark Charcoal-Varsity Maize 308497-001 $100

Thats all she wrote. I've got crappy catalog pics, if you want to host just hit up my ezinbox.

Wanted : Forbes , Nightshade/Team Red-Shark, Bison/Cinder-Sport Red, Bronco's (trade for 11.5), haze low, haight vandals, AJ1's, AJIII's, AMbursts, AM95 cgry/yel rifts, any suede dunk 11.5/12
Brought to you from blco02 and quietballa1



Thanks for pics...finally.

My opinion on the pics...

The XIX lows look a .000001% better, but I still think the shoe can not be saved. I hate the design, it's not innovative enough to call the shoe an Air Jordan. A huge let down compared to the past Air Jordan low styles.

The XIX S.E. is also a big letdown...too similar to the MIDS. The whole patent toe should have been dropped to add more patent or change the location of the patent. The past (+) model XVII and XVIIIs were innovative and in their own leagues, as far as styling...This S.E. model looks as if it was taken from the XVI series...The upper resembles the XVI+, with the Jumpman on the upper and the toe resembles the XVI, it looks like a combination of those 2 past styles.

C'mon, damn.....what's going on with the Brand Jordan designers? Retros will always continue to sell faster and dominate the streets as long as the styling of the new Jordan is not as appealing as the Retro styling, why can't they figure that out???
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Alphaproject mentioned a possible second color of the XIX SE. Please oh please let them be white/black/concord!!!

As for the lows, said it before and I'll say it again - those are so clean!
i know im gonna get flamed for this but those XIX SE's at first glance reminded me TOOOOO much of the Questions....
Yep from this pic they look like the Questions, but IMO they resemble XI too much. C'mon JB get over whole patent leather toes thing ( XI and XVI) it's time for something new, more innovative.
Just because XI were huge hit when they were released (and still are) it doesn't mean it'll work out with new kicks(XVI, and probably XIX). Try to be a leader as far as designs like you used to be (patenet leather accents are present now almost in every brand). You follow your own trends.
Why don't you incorporate "posite" tech ??
only mistake i made was the Regional East pic. i don't have any idea what shoe that is. looks like the low, but its not low. hmmm, anyone have any ideas?
Wanted : Forbes , Nightshade/Team Red-Shark, Bison/Cinder-Sport Red, Bronco's (trade for 11.5), haze low, haight vandals, AJ1's, AJIII's, AMbursts, AM95 cgry/yel, rifts, any suede dunk 11.5/12
i wanna see the elephant print ones though...

the catalog drawings really don't do the lows justice. the side profile just doesn't capture the shoe right.
Wanted : Forbes , Nightshade/Team Red-Shark, Bison/Cinder-Sport Red, Bronco's (trade for 11.5), haze low, haight vandals, AJ1's, AJIII's, AMbursts, AM95 cgry/yel, rifts, any suede dunk 11.5/12
I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who was at Nike last week. The OLY VII's "DO" have the #9 on the back. As for the XIX SE's, those will be J Kidds Olympic shoes. The green and white IV's will be advertised with Carmelo.








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i like most of em em excpet the 19 lows and these joints rite here :x
thhese look cruciaaaal


I'll be one of the few that will say that I'm feeling those lows. They clean, although they look like they should only cost about 70 bones. And those SE's are hot. Love that simple clean look. Better than the ones with the lace cover. I'll most def cop two pairs of those.
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J.Rose you are the man b. Thanks alot.

Here's my opinions...

The grey 4's are still hot even though that pic is just a drawing. The promo-shoes pic do those ALOT of justice.

The white/green 4's are o.k. I'll think about copping those, they are just alittle too white for me.

The olympic 7's are :wow:

I never liked the 19's, but I'm loving the different colors they are using.

The "olympic" 19's are kind of hot. I hate the 19's but these are def. better then the regular joints. Again the color is crazy hot.

I'll be copping the grey 4's and the olympic 7's and I'll think about the white and green 4's. But you can keep all the 19's.
welp, i know what im prob getting this year

Retro XII blk/white
Retro II
XIX lows white.
XIX west pack
VII olympic
IV grey

nothing else really appeals to me.


Cool grey IV's = :D

white/green IV's = :smile:

Oly VII's = :wow:
(i think i smell a release similiar to the XI's and III's...going to the malls early!)
XIX black/red = :D

XIX low black/red = :\

XIX low white/cement = :wow:

(no lace cover is a good thing, especially all thoes people complaining about lace covers, this ones for you)
XIX Regional Pack = :smile:
Olympic VIIs are the only sneaker shown worth copping.
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Yeesss.....We got the Concord regionals.....

Thanks to the supplier of the pics and Jrose for posting em
First off, thanks for the pics now I know where my X-Mas bonus and tax refund is going to!

XIX: definitely getting the blk/red and SE. Blk/red should conceal that ridiculous shroud but thank God for wide-leg jeans!

IV: might consider the wht ones but that is too much white for me. Scuffs aplenty!

VII: most definitely!

Anyone know how much Zoom Air is being thrown in...I mean we all don't buy shoes based on looks right?

Again, hands down, great shoes and great concepts. But then again, way too soon for the release dates. As for the VII olympics, way to ruin a classic NIKE! :frown:


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