July's Jordan Brand News - Updated July 25

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Dec 8, 1999
Of interest to Jordan fans this month:

KDay has shared some details of the Air Jordan XX with us.
Check out his post here: p085.ezboard.com/fniketal...3085.topic

According to KDay:

There will be no shroud on the Air Jordan XX. There will, however, be a dual strap system. Like the XIX and the VIII, the straps will supposedly utilize Velcro rather than the magnetic closure system found on the XIX samples and on the Air Jordan XV1's shroud.

Laser etching will be prominently featured on the Air Jordan XX, used to create an intricate collage of words and images.
KDay revealed that, "the collage is Jordan's life story, as told by him." He says we can expect to see "Mars Blackmon, pictures of XIs, IVs, IIIs, and many other shoes featured on the strap."

Elements of this collage will also appear on several apparel items next year.

Air Jordans have traditionally drawn inspiration from aspects of MJ's life, his sense of style, and his interests. The XX is no different. As many of us already know, MJ has become increasingly enamored with motorcycles, to the point where now sponsors his own motorcycle racing team. It's widely speculated that this development in MJ's life has served as a source of inspiration for the Air Jordan XX.

The first model out will be:

White/Red/Black, $175 2/19/05

Thanks, of course, to KDay for sharing this information with our community.

Jordan fans should also check out JMadidas' post:
Jordan Brand Spring 05 Info

Highlights from this post include:

A January release for White/Team Red/Grey Air Jordan XIII. These are NOT identical to the white/grey/red XIII samples as previously suspected but, rather, will feature a maroon color rather than a pure red.

In February, Jordan fans can look forward to White/Navy/Grey XIIIs and these will, supposedly, be identical to the original.

There's also said to be a XIII low retro in the works, but no details are currently available.

The Air Jordan X is tentatively set for a 2005 release, with white/black leading the way.

Thanks again to jmadidas for sharing this information with us.

Finally, Jordan fans may be interested to learn that Nike is going all out reproducing Jordan jerseys this summer, their lack of restraint apparently due to their changing relationship with the NBA. Reebok, for those who don't know, has taken over the production of the authentic NBA Jerseys worn by all 30 teams. It's a fire sale without the discounts. Take a look below for the full selection of Jordan Bulls gear.

If you'd like to discuss any of these products, please join this post in our Nike forum. Why is the post in the Nike forum? Well, as you can see from the Nike Team sports logo on the scanned page, these are technically 'Nike' products - not Jordan brand. If you don't think that sounds fair, imagine how the good folks at Jordan brand must feel.

Finally, high quality photographs of the White/Team Red/Grey Air Jordan XIIIs have surfaced. These images, courtesy of www.kickz101.com, first appeared on NikeTalk in the following post:p085.ezboard.com/fniketalkfrm7.showMessage?topicID=74122.topic Please discuss them there.



The White/Team Red/Grey XIII releases on January 8th, if I'm not mistaken.

Well, here you go ladies and gentlemen - the Air Jordan XX.
As the tags imply, these images arrive courtesy of Sneakerhead.nl. Personally, I'm stunned by the callous disregard this site has shown its sources. As you can see, there's a serial number etched into the shoe that, honestly, could have easily been edited out.

Right now, Nike undoubtedly knows precisely whom to blame for this leak. I suppose their loss is your gain.



first appeared on NikeTalk within this post by NikeTalk member AirMaxPlus. Please discuss them there.

We have some additional images of the Air Jordan XX to show you today. These come to us from www.beinghunted.com, and emanate from the Bread and Butter Berlin trade show.




As you can see, the "Independent Podular Suspension" is present and accounted for. Whether these pods are arrayed in logical, performance-oriented fashion is another matter entirely.

Just a little reminder to Nike's legal staff: I hope you won't even consider sending us threatening correspondence this year. If someone within your organization had the presence of mind to display this 'top secret' shoe at a massive trade show attended by hordes of people from all over the world - you just might expect someone to have a camera handy. I hardly think that qualifies as 'theft.'

We have some clean, clear photos of upcoming Air Jordans for you today. The following images all come to us via Footlocker.com, and were first posted on NikeTalk by member AirElijah.

First up, take a look at these Air Jordan XIX SEs:



Word has it that these will be part of another 'regional' release. White/Grey/Red represents the 'East' region, while the 'West' will receive the White/Purple/Gold version. Both of these shoes, along with the Black/Gold SE, are scheduled for release on November 13th. Retail price is $165.

To clarify: the Black/Gold model, which you've seen in past news posts and may find in our release date post will not be limited to any specific region, though it will release on November 13th alongside the 'East' and 'West' models. There is no 'midwest' from what we've heard thus far, and I don't know how Jordan brand plans to delineate East and West for this release.

Here is Footlocker's picture of the Neutral Grey Air Jordan XIX low:

These are due out in October, but unfortunately I don't have a precise date for you at this time and, unlike some publications out there, I'm not just going to say "Umm.... October 1st? Yes. October 1st. Mark your calendars!!" If someone has the actual release date, please share it with us in response to this topic and I'll be glad to update the release date within this post and within the release date thread.

Below, you'll find a pair of images featuring the Team Elite 2.


Feel free to add your comments and impressions to this post: New SE pics and other Jordan Brand stuff by Air Elijah.

We also have this image of the Air Jordan II Low to share with you today:


These shoes drop October 9th, and will sell for $100.

Please discuss them here.

That's all for now, but naturally - thanks to our members - more news is always on the way. Stay with us for future updates.

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Why post the Jordan Jersey info in this post if we aren't supposed to post that stuff in this forum?

Anyways, good stuff. I can't wait to actually see how this whole laser thing is incorporated into the 20s.
he aint elvis.​
those jerseys are :pimp:

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Why post the Jordan Jersey info in this post if we aren't supposed to post that stuff in this forum?
The purpose for these news posts is to reduce repetitive topics and provide condensed info for dedicated Jordan fans.

Logically, then, if there's something in another forum that helps me serve BOTH of those purposes - I will include it within this post. As you can see, I've linked everyone to the appropriate post in the Nike forum, so that the discussion may be properly routed.

What is the exact release date on the jerseys? and are they really going to be finishline exclusives?
I don't know the exact dates. Perhaps they're buried somewhere within the jersey post linked above.

If someone can find those dates, I'd be glad to include them within the news post.

I believe that only the black and red pinstriped jersey is a finishline exclusive, as the 'exclusive' graphic is below the authentic and swingman version of this jersey ONLY.

Thanks for clearing that up Meth, I just needed to be totally sure.

I NEED that home 45 jersey.
he aint elvis.​
The date in the book for all the Jordan clothes is the 25th. Yes a Sunday.

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That shooting Rookie Warmup And jerseys are must haves
foreal :pimp:

Are they releasin the jerseys and warmups in footlocker
and champ sports stores in Canada?

I need another jordan jersey in my life, grew outa mine >:
I only see one authentic listed. Whats up with that? Also is there a rookie home jersey releasing at footlocker?
wow thanks for the update guys, jordan XIII, X, And XX defintely copped.
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why doesnt the Swingman Pinstripe Jordan Jersey have a Nike Sign?

makes it look authentic at the swingman price... awesome!

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I would like to say that the XX cannot come out on February 19, 2005...That is a Friday...

No it's a Saturday
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i cant wait. if nice definitely copped multiple pairs.
I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don't do things half-heartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect half-hearted results.

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