Just a heads up for Jordan heads here in Rhode Island!

Jan 21, 2003
Hey guys, I am just giving fellow Rhode Islanders a major heads up regarding the Jordan lll's being released tomorrow.
The Footaction at the Warwick Mall has the Flips, Fire reds, and the Womans lll's. The Flips are limited to 12 pairs right now. Now here is the fun and fair part that I wish other chains would duplicate, You can buy only two pairs of the lll's, you just can't pick up two pairs of the Flips. You can pick up a pair of Flips and a pair of the Fire Reds. Also in that same mall you can purchase the Flips at the Footlocker and they are limited and limiting customers to two pairs only.
The reason they are limiting to only two pairs was a recommendation of mine to the district manager so people can actually cop a pair. These stores know who the resellers are as well.
If I would have known two weeks ago that these stores were getting the Flips I would have hooked up two members of NT and only charged them retail, but these stores didn't know about getting the Flips till last Friday. I'm strapped for cash cause I am copping a pair of Fire Reds and a pair of Flips.
Anyways, I am just giving you guys from Rhode Island a heads up!
do you work at the footlocker or footaction?

also i thought footaction there only had flips in kid sizes?

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^ what he said, regional forums is best.
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Sorry bout the mistake in not posting this in the regional thread guys. Can a mod please move this to the regional forum.
Why would u increase the hype bro.. I live in RI and i was planning on going to warwick mall myself. Please dont advertise where they are selling in Rhode Island!
Kay, you see, that's whats wrong with the shoe game right now. People get mad when shoeheads try to help other shoeheads out. Like I said, I ain't increasing the hype, I am trying to help out fellow Rhode Islanders.
Providence Place is going to get swarmed due to Gellars holding shoes for people. Expressions may jack up the prices for both flips and fire reds.
I understand ur point Josh, imma shoehead myself. Just the point that we are trying to reduce the amount of people at a location. Well doesnt matter to me.. i still get my pair no matter what! :D
Shoot, I picked up a pair of the Fire Reds and two pairs of the Flips. I sold one pair of Flips for 200 to this kid. The kid knew I got them but he is too lazy to wait in line so he offered me 200 bucks and pay for my dinner about an hour ago at Marchettis on Park Ave. in Cranston.
yo will any of these joints have the DTRT III's ? I'm going to be there next weekend and need to know what time 'yall be opening at them spots???

Also any spots that have the DTRT tshirts?
FT my sz10.5 grapes 4 your sz 9 Holla!!
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