Just read about the last episode of Roseanne and got me thinking...

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First off, I never knew how creepy/dark the show ended, but it got me thinking about other shows/movies that ended similar ways.

I'm a big fan How I Met Your Mother and it seems many people are suggesting its going to have a dark ending and whatnot regarding Ted and the "mother" which I don't agree with but hey who knows.

Breaking Bad is ready for its last season and fans of the show are all bracing themselves for a very tragic dark ending as well.

Any other sitcoms/movies that ended that similar ways?


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24... Sorta.

The Sopranos? If the theory where the blackness meant someone walked in and the character who was last on the screen before it went black, saw black, therefore was shot and killed.
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80's hospital drama St. Elsewhere, in the end was revealed to be the imagination of an autistic child and had taken place inside of a snow globe

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I used to watch Roseanne when I was younger, and vaguely remember something about them winning the lottery, but dont think I ever saw or read about the finale till now. Seinfeld had sort of a dark ending. I hate it.

I'm about to get into and catch up with Breaking Bad the way everyone raves about it
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damn i forgot how depressing the last episode of Roseanne was :smh: I thought the Connors were on top of the world
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Angel (not counting the comic book afterward). Wes dies, Gunn was dying, and the remaining Angel, Spike and Illyria had the full brunt of Wolfram and heart coming down on them
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Wow that Dinosaurs scene was a little depressing.
I'm still mad Full House didn't have a definitive ending :smh:

Watching the last episode of Roseanne on youtube right now.
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