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I am excited to see this movie. Ive been waiting for awhile so I hope it is worth it. I'm sure it is
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This movie is claimed to be "one of the greatest superhero movies ever made," hopefully it can live up to the hype.
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yea NT is heavy sleeping on this movie, i bet once people start seeing it there will be a huge thread
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Hope this movie is great. the comic is absurdly amazing and... and fowl. Enought potty language to fill some construction site port-a-potty. Hopefully it will be faithfull to the source because there is some serious gross-out moments.
If it does well it will bring attention to other properties that might be good in theatres.
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Originally Posted by FallenGodofWar

Originally Posted by Bozo7000

have you read the comic?
loved it. wish the last issue would come out
I started reading it today. I'm loving it. Had me 
. I wish the movie would be as bloody as the comic.
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Originally Posted by BlueberryMansions7000

Hit girl can get it
You bump this thread to beast on a 13 year old?

Spoiler [+]


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i saw it today

and tell u the truth i was expecting a pretty boring movie

it turned out to be a very entertaining, kind of funny but it was fun to watch more than anything else
it definitely isnt a comedy, but then again it has it's humor

i enjoyed it alot, and that little girl is the MVP of the movie
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Just came back from it and my review.
(may be spoilers)

It had it's moments where it was humorous then it became a little draggy in the middle and after it was full of action. If you are expecting a comedy this definitely isn't the movie to see. Hot Tub would be a better choice if that is what you are looking for. If anything i would consider this a movie a summer movie. One of those movies that will end up being a movie you say "oh yeah I remember that movie," but only if someone brings it up. Hit Girl was what made this movie any interesting because of the fight scenes. I found it funny how Cage tried to make his voice sound like a computer. It seemed like he was making fun of how Christian Bale always has this weird voice in all his movies. A lot of unexpected scenes as well made this exciting rather then dull, but during the middle it got really draggy with to much talking. All in all i would say 76% out of 100%. If you have 11 bucks to spend (thats how much it is where i am) then go ahead, but honestly i'd just try to find it on the internet or wait till it comes out on BD.
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