Kobe Bryant in Washington D.C

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4th Annual Celebrity Soccer Challenge 
benefiting the Mia Hamm Foundation &
Children's National Medical Center

Scheduled to join Mia & Nomar:
Los Angeles Lakers guardKobe Bryant
U.S. Women's National PlayerAlex Morgan
U.S. Women's National PlayerAli Krieger
U.S. Women's National PlayerHeather O'Reilly
U.S. Women's National PlayerTobin Heath
Former DC United StarEddie Pope
Boston Celtic standoutJeff Green
Washington ******** cornerbackDeAngelo Hall
Washington Caps defensemanJohn Carlson
Around the Horn hostTony Reali
FC Barcelona'sPep Guardiola
Former DC United StarJohn Harkes
Washington Post ColumnistMike Wise
Washington Post Live hostIvan Carter
NBC4 sports anchorDan Hellie
WJLA sports anchorBritt McHenry
WJLA anchorPam Brown

Here's the video of this crazy mofo either trying to attack Kobe or someone else, dude was on something.

Pics of the event will be updated soon....
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 wow. i was gonna quote all the pics just to be an @%! hole

and kobe with the shorts under the shorts 
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Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

Great pics....did you get any of Kobe?
hahaha thats who I really went to see I was excited man, never saw dude that close so i was just going out of control with the camera. Got my Swingman #8 Kobe Bryant jersey signed by him, it was a struggle but I got it at the end.
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I could go so many ways with the jokes since its very easy, so I'll just say nice pics.
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Originally Posted by k0betw0

yo. why no pics of alex morgan?
Be honest with you I dont even know who that is...I prolly have pics of her somewhere in the camera i'll go through the pics and see if she's in there after I google that thang.
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Hot chick bendin over and he goes for his 90th photo of Kobe from 100 feet away not doin anything.


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Nice pics, thanks for sharing! I bet you were hyped as hell though 
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I guess I was just caught in the moment mane, been a fan for about 11 years now ever since came to the states. So seeing him that close n/h It was just weird to me.
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