LA and SD - what to see, where to shop and eat, etc.

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I'm taking my fiancee to California in a week, we're doing LA + SD with a 1 night stop in LV.

I've been to both LA and SD before, but it was a business trip so didn't have much time to hit the shops and as for food it was all business dinners in LA Live area. We'll be in LA for 7 days, LV 1-2 days and SD 4 days.

Sightseeing - We'll be doing some touristy things - The Getty, The Broad, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, etc. but would also like to explore some stuff that you can't find in all those 'top 50 things to do in LA lists', so I'd appreciate some tips as I'm sure there are plenty great spots in the area. We're renting a car so it can be outside LA too.

Food - I did some research and have a nice list of places to eat, but again, any hidden gems? We're staying in Hollywood, but it doesn't have to be there. I do enjoy a dodgy looking taco from a hole in the wall.

Shopping - anything worth checking apart from Fairfax and La Brea?

SD - I think I'm good when it comes to SD, I have a lot of friends there and will be spending most of the time with them.

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Definitely visit melrose avenue. Also visit On the Arm in las vegas. I also would suggest trying in n out just for the experience if you haven't already. LA is huge so there's not one specific thing you have to do.
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