Legit Check On Royal 1s and seller HeatersAndBeaters

Joined Dec 2, 2012
They look legit to me. Never dealt with the seller before but he has 100% positive feedback so he seems legit.
Joined Mar 25, 2013
they are GMs man dont buy them!

Wings logo looks small or undefined or something

no pic of NIKE tag, more than likely bc its a dead give away IMO

Sole is not correct.. the straight parallel lines in the triangular shape are too close together IMO.

shotty construction also if you ask me..

hope this helps man.
Joined Jul 26, 2012
Now I cant say for sure, but for all the pairs that I have considered buying but turned out to be GM the production dates were all 9\13 to 11\28. The legit pair I did buy had a different date from 9\10 to 11\20 I believe. Cant say this is a tell tale sign but it has been a reoccurring trend
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