Let me end a couple of rumors....

Oct 19, 2004
JB is NOT releasing Chicago X's or Concord XI's...Cement III's in 2011 though...
If this post is considered as spam, please delete.

That is all.

Thanks for the info.
The X's are way overated anyways, sad to hear about the Concords though.
Cement 3's= can't hear that enough.
I don't care who says it; I get more and more excited everytime!
LOL at that newbie asking for "source"

PO thanks for the post and killing all the rumors, its much appreciated.

Hopefully its a sign of more posts from you in the JB forum?
Hey bak ymmij:

I just happened to come back here to see what has been going on & got bothered with all these excess posts that are using up bandwidth.
In regards to the CG's, I mentioned those in a post a LONG time ago, Flint XIII's as well. Those are good to go based off the samples i saw earlier this year.

I was told by my source concord XI's on Y3's production list this year. Any truth to that PO?
So glad to hear this!

Love the Chicago X's and would hate to see them butchered same goes for the concords
I guess more 60 plus. Why does Jordan drop garbage! The stuff he drops in just plain ole junk & looks like crap! Somebody need to give Jordan a wkae up call! All of the classics are staying in the vault! DUMB!!!
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