LRG Dead Serious Hoody returns OCT 30th... THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

Joined Aug 22, 2012
I think everyone who had the black hoodie had a pair of Barkley’s to rock with it


Aren’t they releasing again soon?
Released and sold out. Was coming to post RIP Jonas but I see people already did. I used to ****ing love this brand, I remember I had a shirt that had a forest on it and zoo animals thinly stitched over it. I actually wanted the hoodie but I wasn't a fan of the skull on the hood but I get it. I guess 10 deep will drop the chain gang hoodie if this is successful

"Lifted like the research group I so get it"
Joined Sep 5, 2006
Bought the black one and the powder blue Iron Maiden hoodie the same day I believe .

told my boy where to get it and he wore his day 1 and everybody was jockin him smh.

think I was waiting til Halloween then by that time all the bootlegs came out so I never wore it .

actually might of sold it on here in 06/07 lol
Joined Jul 1, 2012
lowkey wanted a hoodie back in da day but cant see myself wearing it now


Joined Apr 29, 2007
I think the dead serious hoody has eye holes.

I own a few full zip Bapes and while I love sharks full zip is pretty pointless without eye holes etc


Joined Apr 30, 2008
I remember these from high school when I couldn't afford it, im 30 now and may cop just for the nostalgia lol
Joined Jul 18, 2012
Had that all over print white and black baroque type hoodie. It was flames. I cut it up and used the pieces for patch work on other stuff.
Joined Apr 9, 2003
Does anyone still have a bunch of their LRG? I was going through some storage bins and found tons. Found my Jason hoodie too.

Like someone said, just have Travis or somebody rock the Dead Serious and LRG will have an extra 15 mins for their comeback. :lol:
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