Man Rapes Woman In Movie Theater, Finishes Watching Movie With Wife And Kids

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The hell.. this article uses acronyms? SMH?  I'm questioning the legitimacy of this article.
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thats crazy and sad. glad it didnt occur in the same theater i originally thought.
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Originally Posted by CincoSeisDos

I laughed.

i'm going to hell.
i laughed so hard tears came out, i dont even think they'll know where to put me.
feel sorry for the lady though
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Lets not turn this into a Ohio thread again.

This is going to have me on watch where ever I or people I know go. Damn shame. Dude probably could have potentially raped one of his kids or kids friends one day if He's going to these extremes.
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This is just so despicable and abominable. I hope he gets castrated in jail.

To come to think of it, I still need to take those self defense classes and I need to tell my sisters to also take them. Some predators out there these days will take advantage of you and perform a crime anywhere, even if it is somewhere like a movie theater. Sick demented people.
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"On Sunday, Feb. 14, Ojo allegedly followed the 21-year-old woman out of a movie at the Cinemark Theater about 70 miles north of Columbus."

I gotta see the women he raped... she must be Halley Berry's Twin or some *@%%.

70 MILES *%!%$ WT.F
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