Mickael Pietrus ditching Kobe's for Jordan's in the Finals

Joined Oct 26, 2004
this guy is LAME anyways,its not about the shoes,its who you're guarding man,your game speaks for yourself,he's gonna have a hard time stopping KB24IMO.Dont tell me he can guard KOBE better than Artest(cage man)?,we'll see what happens tomorrow.Pietrius is NOT a Jordan brand member anyways,he aintnothing to me.
Joined Jun 5, 2004
If I were on the magics, I'd feel weird rockin Hyperdunks in the finals. Since its been blown up..looks like Rashard,Courtney, etc are gonna have to rock something else.
Joined May 27, 2001
a guy i went to high school with who's a ballboy for the GSWs said MP gave him some PE Xs when pietrus was still on the team. maybe MP will wear ORL Xs.
Joined Jul 8, 2008
You guys know Gentry and JB are about to use this as a marketing ploy and send Pietrus Player Excusives
Joined Jul 14, 2008
Thats what PTI said ^. I think it means the same. He needs to be taking this seriously......

You think Kobe cares what shoes the guy guarding him will wear?
Joined Sep 16, 2006
MP2 has been playing solid with his hd's. I wouldn't switch shoes just cuz of superstitious reasons
Joined Jun 14, 2006
Wear a pair of VI's for Magic's first title like MJ did with the Bulls.
Joined May 9, 2007
i heard he aint gonna be wearin jordans anymore. but i was just wakin up so i mighta been dreamin

Jordan Brand musta called him and was like "nuh uh bruh, we gave u the axe for a reason"
Joined Jan 27, 2008
he will NOT being wearing anything jordan related for the finals...quote these words....oh, Lakers in 6
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