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Nov 17, 2008
thought i might get in trouble for posting a link. it's pretty much spamming now that i think of it.
Gotta come up with something original. Can't just do this copy thing with a new brand and expect to succeed because of who you're trying to appeal to.Doesn't matter if you and others are sick of tapout, affliction, and all the other brands. It's a new brand and unoriginal, so people are just going tostick with the well known brands over this one. And maybe it's just me, but I'd rather just wear shirts that promote my academy/school instead.
Cwrite78 and myself are amateur Muay Thai fighters. I wanna try BJJ, but no close gyms around me.

I think that shirt is as bad as Tap Out gear. With how I'm dressed, you wouldn't even think I can defend myself.
As some of my friends describeme.."He's a metrosexual that can kick your butt".
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