mom n pops in nyc

Oct 3, 2006
makin a trip to nyc soon and lookin for little mom n pop shops to do a little hunting, an suggestions appreciated.
lots of places to check out...where are u stayin at???? are you on a tour??????
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Stayin in brooklyn, already gone 2 all the major shops b4 lookin for the hidden local spots
Downtown Brooklyn got tons of mom and pop stores. you should check that out.
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chill, find your own spots. the game is to be sold, not told. damn kids, always asking for a handout. if you are hungry, i wouldn't give you a fish, i'd teach you how to fish. so in that same vein, take a walk around the heights, bk, south bronx, jersey got some too.
Nate, ill give you a 2 piece if you was talking to me like that!!!
wateva man i was juss looking for sum info from some local heads, i only been to manhatten b4 and dont know my way around brooklyn. mods can lock this cuz i dont want any more lame @#%$ flame comments.
If you think anybody is gonna tell you any spots your in the wrong place homie
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is funny how yall cant help dude out, like hes gonna take ya sneakers ,,, i would help you out but i dont really go to the mom and pop stores like that, but as they said check out flatbush avenue, pitkin avenue, dowtown fulton, jamaica queens,, and fordham road among others
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