My Brother Is Getting Married Today and I Don't Know How to Feel

What’s the worst that can happen? Is he wealthy? She’ll take half of everything if everything falls apart within 5 years? Many people have to learn their life lessons the hard way.
Yea that’s what I was thinking. Unless the brother is rich, who cares. Get a divorce deconvert and call it a day. Life lesson
Sounds like an absolute disaster in the making. But your brother is blinded by love and probably doesn’t want to hear or feel too much resistance to what he’s doing. As someone said before, put on a good front and be ready to help your brother when it crashes and burns.
Wait. They’ve been together for years. And you wanted to break them up last minute when getting married + now going to voice your concerns after they’ve already gotten wed. This some turrible timing it’s time to move on and live your own life…
I would, in fact, take great pleasure in seeing photogs of the wife in question to further inform my opinion.
Probably because most NT folks have moved to IG/twitter. Can't be on here in your 30s thirsty for internet pics fam
People say all time it’s not your life it’s not your problem. But in fact it is. The writing is on the wall. When you brother grows up or gets some balls this marriage will take a wrong turn. And you will have to pick up all the pieces .. I am saying this because I have a feeling you would never turn your back on family. Just the impression I got. some people have to learn the hard way. At your brother is one of them.
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