My "Then & Now" Collection (Story+Pics!)

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So i basically been a Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls/Nike fanatic ALL my life & probably became a "sneaker head" before someone even thought up the phrase lol... but i just recently moved & i was setting up things in my place & came across all my GS OG Air Jordans as a kid 
...Fast forward 2 me putting up my Retros in the new closet & i suddenly got an idea
!!! Been coming 2 this site since '99, just signed up 4 an account in '09 & finally making my 1st  post! I wanted it 2 be a good one & relevant, so bear w/ me fellow NT'ers & give feed back (whether positive or negative). This is only "Part 1", if i finish getting all my OGs (haven't got em all due 2 theft, haven't copped or just haven't retroed yet) but feel free 2 post similar pics if you been in the game as long as i have... Let the games begin...... 
Joined Apr 13, 2009
My bad... first thread/post... i just usually view post but i would like 2 become more active, so help a "virtually newbie" out 
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this is dope...itd be cool if they had a post like this in the sneaker showcase forum
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Lol, you definitely got your money's worth out of your childhood Js. Jk, Nice collection!
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