Nas can't win. Vol. Shawn Knowles won.

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Continuing off from the $51,000/month legal fees and the green tongue, Nas is still processing more L's.

[h1]Nas Ordered to Pay Kelis Big Bucks[/h1] 
Originally posted 27 minutes ago by TMZ Staff
went to court Monday over his divorce with Kelis -- and walked out a little lighter in the wallet.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Nas had to immediately fork over $47,249.42 in back child support and $40,454 in back spousal support.

The judge also ordered Nas to pay $10,000/month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis.

Nas also has to pay 90% of Kelis' legal fees in the amount of $155,787.28.

Lastly, Nas has to pay $48,549.83 to cover Kelis' accounting expenses.

The lesson, as always -- when Laura Wasser reps your ex, settle as quickly as possible. Nas just learned that the hard way.

via TMZ

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Thats some BS. I thought everyone was equal. He shouldnt be paying a penny more then a regular middle class american. Its a kid just like all the other kids so why should he pay more?


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I'm not for murder, but I'd support Nas 100% if he were to kill that *#%@+ Kelis. It would probably be cheaper.

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Im not the best mathematician but sheeessshh..thats a lotta bread
N' better recreate a Belly scene real quick in her living room
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