Nas might have a chance at actually winning....

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View media item 1505772Nas has been spending time in Barbados with actress Vanessa Bronfman the daughter of Seagram heir and former CEO of Warner Music Group Edgar Bronfman Jr.. and sister of DJ Hannah Bronfman, leading some to speculate that the two are dating. Nas and his reps are downplaying the rumor but we don’t know if we believe they were there at the same time by coincidence.

Her dad worth 2.5 billy
She not "bad", but thats her real hair and
this might be the child support come up ol boy needs
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Nas won after the crucifixion he did to Jay Z on Ether
Facts b facts Nasty nas had Jay crying on public radio b
Memphis bleek and beans said that joint really affected Jay

And not only did he take out Jay but he killed hot 97 for a moment too. Had Ny listening to power 105 for a few months till they made up and started playing his music again. Only time power 105 ever beat hot 97

Hot 97 had that poll on the funk flex show to see who was the king of ny and nas won something like 65-45 percent. Nasty nas a rebel to America!!!
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Girl looking like Glen Davis with that smile.

Still patiently waiting on Nas' next album, hopefully with a DJ Premier beat on it.
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I think Jay won for the sole reason that Nas cannot be brought up on this site without mention of the beef that happened a decade ago. The same cannot be said about Jay, it seems like Nas will forever be tied to the beef while Jay has transcended it. Take this thread for example, it's about Nas's potential new love interest. Yet, all folks want to talk about is whether her net worth makes her a better match than Beyonce is for Jay. I bet you guys can take the most simple pic of Nas and somehow turn it into a Jay-Z/Nas discussion. Take this pic for example, it's a pic of Nas hanging out at a random party. You guys will probably use it to say something along the lines of, "if that were Jay he wouldn't be able to blend in like that, people would be all over his sack." For that reason, Jay-Z won.

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P.S. For the record, I listen to more Nas and I think he is a better rapper than Jay. I'm just keeping it 100, Jay won because he has been able to separate himself from that beef, while Nas hasn't.
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