New hobbies / how long you stick with it?

Wanted to get into building them fast little rc cars and ****. But i get frustrated when **** dont fit or the instructions are vague

Very into outdoor **** like snowbaording and canoeing and hiking. But i have no friends that are into that ****. Havent gone in like 5-6 yrs.
Got my first dog in May 2021 so I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor stuff with him

Been wanting to get a camera and a moped for years

Want to get into riding bikes on trails and such

Cooking/BBQing but I fell off this summer. Barely did either

Also I’m finally getting over a knee problem I’ve had the past 4 years so I want to start playing soccer again, might join a futsal league this winter. With my knee i thought I would never be able to run again, so I’m in terrible cardio shape. Might just take the winter to get back then play in the summer :lol:

Honestly I just want something I can fully focus on and zone out while I’m doing it. Nothing like sports for that
You never played it in gym?

It’s basically like ping pong crossed with tennis on a small court. It’s kind of fun.

Actually now that ive seen what it is people play it next to the basketball courts on the BK Bridge courts. Pier whatever, where its Nets hoops and they do a once annual practice. Mostly middle aged to old people, looked like badminton with a smaller ratchet.

Never seen it in a gym, but I dont go to an old timers YMCA so maybe thats why. How is it there?
Nah, I meant gym class. We always had tournaments in elementary school playing it.
had to google pickleball
there's some dudes at my hospital who forreal play badminton
I've been learning a language that brings some utility to my life. Its a lifelong commitment and it always keep me engaged and provides a sense of community. Took some time to get off the ground, but now that I have some progress, I cant see myself stopping.

What language. Sorry if I missed this.
I've been taking private classes twice a week for about 4 months. Prior to that I used Pimsleur, but ceased once I began taking classes. Everyday I listen to Brazilian radio for hours and watch the news in Sao Paulo at night.


As a fellow language learner (Japanese) myself, I am proud of you my man
Picked up golf seriously the last 2 years. Played less than 10x per year before that for about 7 years. It’s a good sport since my knees gave out to the point where basketball just isn’t fun anymore. I walk the course and get some exercise and can kick **** with my friends or random people I get paired up with. Plus for those of us who love sports, it’s something that we can constantly strive to get better at. I’m down to almost a 10 handicap which is pretty respectable.
I’m with you OP on being a life long hooper.

Started my own garden this past spring and yielded some tomato’s, various peppers and strawberries. To see them grow from seed is rewarding and my harvest taste WAY better than store bought.

Golf is what I’m looking to get into next year. I still have time to go pro :lol:

For real tho…
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while tomatoes, okra, cucumber, spinach, watermelon. I want to do all that. And try to grow an outdoor 🔥plant
Was into action figure collecting for a bit, just things I remember from childhood that I never had, slowly finishing that up.

-Picked up a novation launchkey mini a year ago and been playing around with that as a creative outlet.
-Wanted to get into Yoga but COVID had closed that done, looking to get to it this year.
-Really looking into taking snowboard but the people around me don't want to get hurt so I might go it alone.
I will comment some more later but just wanted to drop this, but developing a system that will allow you to consistently engage in your hobbies is key.

It is pretty foolish to rely on motivation, will power etc.
If you somewhat enjoy cooking get an offset smoker… learn to use it maintaining the fire while you drink some beers or sip on bourbon.. it becomes enjoyable like a hobby 🔥
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