New Store + Downtown Richmond = "ftwrk, inc."

Oct 17, 2000

ftwrk, inc.Store's site -- Coming Soon

322 W. Broad Street
(block and a half from belvedere intersection)

11 - 6 Daily
12 - 5 Sundays
(yes people, OPEN on Sundays in downtown RIC)

Integrity and Credibility... Check.

Customer Service... Check.

Welcoming environment for all ages... Check.

Positive change to the "culture" of that area... Check.

DOPE overseas brands that may convert me into a hypebeast...errrr... Check.

Local folks -- Go check it out. Store just opened, so, as usual, give them folks a few weeks to get everything in the store. Got my approval without question, but, when was the last time my word meant something, right? Right.

Out of towners/Internet folks -- With permission, I'll take pics and post later in the week (after I go make a few purchases). I'll try my best to be "iCan-like" with the digi-cam, but warning, my photography skills have been in the garage for a couple years.

- "Importking," it's that time for a smashbros. road trip. I'll hit you up tonight. Big Daddy Kane style -- Ain't no half steppin', "Friday the 13th, I'mma play Jason" style...

- For those who hit me ezbox/email wanting "Issue 2," I didn't leave y'all hanging. Check tomorrow morning. Too busy this past week with more serious business...


"...Hate to blast ya, but I have ta..."
Thanks for the teachings, B.I.G.​
I'm 'pose to be makin' a trip to Petersburg next weekend to chill wit' some folks...I may have to make a slide pass'd there.

I'm gettin' it in...The One Man Design Studio.
aayy.... stop playinnggggg.. Im down, weekends only.
what happened to my dude ryan ? r.i.p ? 0]
I am spanish, Word to rice and beans.
There are some pics below, not mine...they were taken from the hypebeast forum.

I did happen to stop by and I agree with the person who started this thread and I'm not a big fan of sneaker boutiques.

By the way, there is ANOTHER shop opening up just a block down. I believe it's right beside "Lift Coffee". The windows are taped up with paper right now.

haha i see some very familiar faces in that peeps! but i recommend to not go on the second floor if your my height or taller...ceiling is MADD low..but it actually has a real cozy feel...maybe they built it that way since afterall it is the female section...and the frosted windows are sickkk!
Don't let that bamma Derrick see those Olympic Dunks.
Frosted window is indeed nice.


I'm gettin' it in...The One Man Design Studio.
sneakerman dan was up! next time yall come down here were going to jamaica house :evil:

and yeah ftwrk is very dope indeed and mark and the rest of the staff are good peoples.
(those olympic dunks are courtesy of me so hurry up and copp them so i can pay for this ticket) :rofl:
TEAM !00
Doing things One Hunded!
Lavan this is on dericks behalf:

"I'm going to call somebody to get me them dunks right there!"

*drooling and eyes poppin*
i didnt think richmond had a market to support all these shops

I didn't think so either. What is there, 3 of these type of shops (and one coming) in Richmond that have opened up within the last few months? None have proven success so it should be interesting to see what happens. If anything they provide a positive change to the city and who knows, maybe it turn they'll create a market.
Oh and i don't know if anyone mentioned but this joint is consignment which will hopefully help decrease the usage of paypal for me :smile: but 2 thumbs up for the consignment isssh!
its cool...of course not much for women...but i'll go back again to see if they get anything for me...nice guy working there...
Please don't step on the shoes cuz I'm twisted..​
hahaha nice way to finish that comment mouse but umm....

As far as for girls they are the only spot really pushing girls stuff in richmond.
i talked to the guy working and he said they would be getting more stuff later so i'll go back again...hopefully it'll be shoes tho...i'm not to into the whole street culture thing as far as clothes go...
Please don't step on the shoes cuz I'm twisted..​
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