new store in downtown manhattan...

Joined Dec 29, 2006
well like 4 months new lol...

most of you will say " like we need another " ..

to that .. i think so .. Introducing PRODIGY

here are some pics.. we've been open a solid 4 months now and it's been great, for those who visited the shop when we 1st opened, you will notice a lot of different things going on ..

just a heads up..

prices are extremely reasonable... pretty much all retail range, some cheaper, some higher due to demand..

we have our own house brand t-shirts along with a brand called NO LOVE LOST which is sold exclusively through Prodigy. you can view all the tee's on our myspace page or website ( or ).

we carry nike, nike sb, adidas, new balance, and more soon..
( we do not have any direct accounts, we do our best to make sure we have just about every release available at the same time if not alittle later than all other spots ). If any of you guys on NT have good sources and want to make some side cash, come in and talk to us about what you can bring to the table.

here are some pics.. spread the word guys !!!!

note: i'm sure negative comments will probably follow this post, rest assured they will not be replied too, everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinions..

thanks again ...

any questions or if you'd like to pay a visit we're on

17 ave B
ny, ny 10009
phone: 212.228.4737
Joined Mar 19, 2006
I like the way the kicks are set up on the wall...wats some of the more limited kicks you have
Joined Jun 14, 2006
hmmm i like how the forces are around much are those fire reds on that one ledge?
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Joined Sep 16, 2006
can i get some pix of the air maxes u guys have? or can u jus list them plz- thanks
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Joined Dec 29, 2006
SupraMan1784 - The Fire Reds are GS sizes only.. ( mens sold out we had them at $150.00 )

jumpmanjunkie, the air max's we currently have are as follow

-air max 95 human torch
-air max 1 green skulls pack
-air max 1 blue skulls pack
-air max 1 rasta sole
-air max 1 huarache pack
-air max 90 red safari
-air max 90 white/varsity red
-air stab premium red cement
-air max 90 premium glow in the dark

thank you .....
Joined Sep 16, 2006
good lookin out- might have to stop by if i go to dunkxchange
"you scream im lazy u must be crazy, you thought i was a donut you tried to glaze me"

elboricua 6

Joined Feb 24, 2006
Are you going to have the Get Money Package Sb Dunks?

Especially the Back of Evil Mids?
Joined Jun 14, 2006
oh aight thx gotmadkickz...btw you got the lava am90s? i might stop by since ill be in the city sat
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Joined Apr 12, 2006
^how much?
Quote:[hr][/hr]-air max 1 blue skulls pack[hr][/hr]

might go get these how much you have them for? And do we get the nt discount?
was this topic worth a post? its a waste of bandwidth

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Damn... I forgot all about you guys. I was all over NYC today, too.
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im gonna pass by one day and say whats up to you cats and pic up some goodies. i like the store. im not into boutiques cause i like old school ma and pop shops, but this store seems cool. preety decent atmosphere. i like it. good luck and i hope you guys are successful. take care and hope to see u soon.
Joined Dec 29, 2006
just got some more pee wee hermans, milli vanilli lows, and vapor mids with some classic sb's today...

easter dunks, ueno court forces, court force hi/low multi color sole, and the rest of may releases.. available on Friday....

prodigy nyc
17 ave B
new york, ny 10009

note: just want to thank all of you for your support guys !.. its much appreciated...
Joined Jul 12, 2004
I randomly strolled upon the store the first week you guys were open. Nice Spot.
VERY REASONABLE Prices I must say.

what you got?
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