Nike Air Barkin...... Ugly Step Brother of the Sharkley

Oct 9, 2006
In the 90s both Dennis Rodman and Charles Barkley dominated the defensive scene and now both of their shoes are combined into one. Nike will be release a follow-up shoe to the Nike Sharkley posted a few days ago, labeled the Air Barwin. Rodmans Darwin and Charles Barkleys CB94 get blended into one shoe to create the Sharkley in a sleek black/white color-way. Via Its a DC Thing@NT.


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they iight nothin special better then the Sharkleys IMO
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I was never too fond of either shoe.
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i don't see what two shoes they mixed up...
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i totally disagree with you guys--these look hot regardless of the half baked concept. now i loved the OG rodman/ barkley releases back then but these look like an updated darwin shoe without the barkley influence. if anything, i think it just goes to show how great that 90s era was: a classic after classic after classic...
I can't wait to see the Air Max Penny 1 and Air Pippen 1 Merged into one shoe.

i think it just goes to show how great that 90s era was: a classic after classic after classic...

It's just a pity they have to go back to the 90s for new shoe ideas.
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I don't think either of these looks that bad. I don''t understand why Nike went through all that trouble to design these when they could have just as easily retroed the Air Zoom Gloves or the zoom flight 2k3s
The 2K3's didn't do all that well if I remember correctly at retail, however some designers are using DNA from the 2K3 on other shoes.

Also going back to the 90's isn't so bad, if it's the only thing to connect the next generation to the past.
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i kinda like the pair up there, its pretty interesting
Can someone post the shoes that inspired this? I'm not seeing it...
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Those are hot. Should have named them the Barwin instead of the Barkin. People might think its Mike Vick's new sig.
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