NIke Air Forces Ones....

why spend $80 on some AF1 lows when you can get good performance shoes like Kobe 1s for $35? The only thing worse than ballin' in AF1s are Timbs
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I've practiced/played around in forces and it's never pretty.
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Honestly, it's not a big deal at all. If you're goin for older shoes, I'd rather play in Dunks because they are lighter and have a smaller midsole, but I've played in Air Forces and they're fine.
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I'd go with High's for the minimum..I ball in my Sheeds + a full length Nike Zoom Air insole I just switched from another shoe.
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I wouldnt. But if you must , at least go with hi's
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I can barely walk in AF1's for a few hours, let alone play ball in them.

There's much better compromises with looks/performance when picking basketball shoes. I want my bball shoes to look good, but not at that cost. So my Turbines and 2K3's work for me.
Balling in AF1 Lows would be out of the question for me. Ouch!

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No,dont even consider it

I remember when i was in 7th grade i played in AF1 Lows..i rolled my ankle and it was one of the worst experiences of my sports career
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i played all thropugh US in HIghs and didn't have a problem at all. this was 01-05 too, so its not like frim the 80's
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if your just shooting around then yeah, but if you gonna ball for real, why would you wear low tops??..your just asking to sprain your ankle
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thanks for your help........ :D
Maybe not the lows but in highs you should deffinatley go for it, they are a bball shoe after all.
air forces are garbage bball shoes, period
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I've rolled my ankle everytime I have played in hell no.
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