Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro "White/Cement" - The Aftermath - NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING

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Just copped another pair on SNKRS

Went out to get a bite, came back and voila. All that waiting around for nothing only to come back and cop in a minute unexpectedly. Noted for future purchases
Yall killing me. Snkrs keep giving me error


formerly zombifed nach0
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Just got my Swoosh/NDC confirmation Email. 

 I Finally OWN my grails. I could cry tears of happiness.142 out the door too. 

HUGE shout out to the dude that posted that desktop link. 
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I think mine might be on par with your right pair :lol:

Didn't even pay any attention to it until I saw your post. Shoutout to my __ the Speckler; did me justice on these.

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Damn! Your speckler was pissed that day! LOL!
My man must've lost his girl at post point between 9/09 and 12/04 becuase he definitely snapped on these :lol:

I like the look though so I'm not even mad.
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i remember how hyped I and we were waiting for the 2012 retro thinking that was what we had to settle with. sometimes never settle!

damn them 2012s

these 2016s are what the 2012s should have been

gonna compare these to the 99s
There will always be a 'better shoe' in the minds of many.
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do they fit the same because i got 2012 and they fit big
They fit pretty similar to the 2012 for me. If I had to say though, I'd say these OG 89's fit just a LITTLE bigger than my 2012s. IMO, they're very close though, hope that helps.
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I've been out of the shoe buying game for a year or so, but I have a thing for 4's. I casually strolled into Champs in Novi, MI on Monday and got a guaranteed ticket. I casually strolled into the mall this morning a little before 12 and picked up my shoes. In and out of the mall in 20 minutes.

Do I think this shoe, from a quality/materials standpoint, is worth the $230-ish price...nope. I loved my previous iv's, but once that netting turned yellow, I got rid of them, but the great thing about these shoes is that they can retain their value better than anything else out there. At least had been the case.

What I'm strugging with is buying my son, who needs a 11C, these shoes for $80. That **** is ridiculous. I get my Air Max 1's for that price.


formerly zombifed nach0
Joined Feb 22, 2013
I think mine might be on par with your right pair

Didn't even pay any attention to it until I saw your post. Shoutout to my __ the Speckler; did me justice on these.
Guess the NikeiD speckle guy got a Promotion. 
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People say it works as long as the payment is different and name?

I used two vouchers and a gift card
I dont think name has to do with it since there can be multiple John Smiths ordering

I heard IP was used in the past. Whatever. Not stressing over it.
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Anybody else notice that the inside liner has a very light blueish color to it?

Overall quality is great but I thought that was weird.
yes, it noticed it too. copped my 3 pairs today with ease, but only bc my folks had my pairs tucked. was only gonna do 2, but they looked so good i got another. this release was alot crazier than i thought it would be. alotta ppl missed out and were PISSED!

damn, these things look so GOOD! shape, materials, everything is on point (who cares about the hang tag?). my only gripe would be that the leather is hella shiny. other than that, i'm happy! '99 all over again.

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They look good obviously but has anyone tried them on and tested the comfort? I had the 99's and they were the most bouncy and had lots of cushion. These similar or meh?
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A lot of people were making snide remarks towards those of us that said these would be readily available after all the websites crashed this morning......well, after the dusted has settled, you can easily cop online right now.....

Just saying.
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The 2012s look like bad Chinese fakes compared to this release. I still don't know what the hell they were thinking. Lots of retros have got the shades wrong but on this shoe which is all about that dried up pavement concrete look, that dark gray was unacceptable.
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eastbay, footlocker and champs had too much online traffic for about an hour. snkrs fkd me like 30 times but I finally got them. this is only my 2nd pair of j's, they're friggin' hard to get
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Phone died from 80% while trying to cop at snkrs today due to the cold. Ended up grabbing these after the glitch eased up. $170 after applying my gc, not bad I guess.
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Air Money

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yep thats true the perfect shoe would be ogs or many versions that keep coming closer

and another note ndc order confirmed
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