Nike Air UnYeezy Courtesy of the Rivera's (808's & Heartbreak)

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This is a response to page 384 & 385 of the Yeezy thread which now appears to be locked:

So I had stated earlier that I would leave this topic alone but I was so focused on my own dilemma that I had not considered the community. After carefuldeliberation I feel it is my responsibility to NikeTalk to expose my dealings with the Rivera's (Uncle Sam 1013 & William Rivera 3).

A pair of Nike Air Yeezy's in the black/pink colorway in size 10 was sold to me Saturday evening for $600 by Uncle Sam 1013 & William Rivera 3.Apparently, I had outbid another fellow NikeTalker who was already promised this same pair for $550. Unbeknownst to me, I was sold a pair of B Grade sneakers(please see exhibit A) and was not alerted to the fact that there was visibly a factory defect. The strap on the right shoe has virtually no Y all overdebossed print. It appears smooth like the strap on the upcoming Tan colorways (please see exhibit B, C & D) while the left shoe is fine. This pair ofmismatched Yeezy's could easily pass for counterfeit and are clearly B Grades and should have been presented as such. I have attempted to contact theRivera's to request a refund to no response. Instead, I discovered earlier this afternoon, Uncle Sam 1013 posts an indirect rant towards me about mymisgivings and meanwhile William finds this whole situation amusing...

Ladies and gentlemen of NikeTalk, I have presented you with the facts and the evidence supporting it. In closing, I want you to ask yourself, would you pay$600 for B Grades? Would a request for a refund be out of the question?

Buyers beware of all the Rivera's and the shady resellers out there. I'm taking one for the team this time and I hope my little unfortunate incidentdoes not happen to any of you. I understand many of you do not know me and you may consider me a newcomer but rest assured I've been an NTer for quitesometime and have been a sneakerhead for much longer. It saddens me to see how the game has evolved over the years. I understand times are tough but it seemsto be more about the resale value and less about the shoes these days...

Thank you all for listening.




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Damm dude those LOOK worse then b-grades. They straight look like fakes. Get your money back ASAP!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by enrique23

sorry about that man

and why did the yeezy thread get locked?
Because of the selling going on. Hopefully this one is able to survive
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Dang man that sucks, if you met up with them you should have checked 'em before handing the $$$ over...either way they sould give you a refund


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I leave the country for two days only to come back to a locked up @@!! storm of excess pages. I am not entertained

Stand by for epic lulz.
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damn thats messed up. Seller should've informed the buyer before finalizing the transaction. I've seen the exactproblem for the grey pair, and the buyer showed very detailed pics as well as thorough descriptions of the flaw.

1. Rivera's got you
2. Nike got you

I totally understand where you coming from. Thats just plain wrong
I wouldnt rock em personally, because they look likesome fakes.

Hopefully you can flip it and get your $600 back.
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yo should contact nike......see if they can give u a new pair other wise get a refund from will
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Wow man sorry to hear that. Hey at least you got a pair. Some of us who camped out didnt get em. But i see your pain, since u paid a resell price and got that.I hope things get settled my dude.
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I said it in the yeezy thread and I'll say it here williamrivera3 is a loser and a complete douche once agai perfect example here to prove the theory
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yeah they should give you a refund especially for 600..if they dont try to flip it and get some of ur money back
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Hopefully those dudes give you a refund, or like money says contact Nike direct see if they can do something for you. You definitely have a case.
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Originally Posted by redsfan3

These Yeezy's are probably a one of one. Very limited.

with a good description you might be able to flip for even more haha they are a "collectors" item
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I can understand why he would be mad though. $600 and he didn't get exactly what he wanted.
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I never liked rivera's replies anyway. Dude thinks he's the God of NT.

E-thugs. He has called me out on things in the past that I posted which were taken exactly the wrong way I meant them to be said.

I hope you get your money back and sell them to someone who doesn't mind for like $250.
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