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I've seen these in person and the footprint is huge. The forefoot outsole has a huge canvas due to the zoom unit.

Surprisingly they feel light in hand. Definitely seems like these are designed for the big/mobile forward.

Interesting to see the performance review.
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Spoke to a Nike rep and he said the release date for both the alphadunk and the shox bb4 is pushed to 8/17
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Nice comparison. So can someone speak on the differences of what’s internal in those zoom
Bags? Same but diff colors?
Nothing internally is really different between the Jordan 33 and the Alphadunk bag. I will say the Kyries are a little different because the zoom turbo in those had the indentions/flex grooves, pretty much dispersing the overall feedback.

The Alphadunk zoom bag, it's wider and taller, hence they could add more compressed air. Since the bag is so big, looks like they were also able to add many more tensile fibers. The fibers literally spring back into place once compressed. Imagine, they say 14mm is the tallest bag they've ever made. So in short. Bounce in the forefoot gonna be crazy.
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Im thinking stability will be alright because theyre wide enough and guys are playing in them already. If players dont like a shoe they just dont play in them, like tons of guys wear the hyperdunk every year but almost nobody did with the 2015s cuz its it wasnt great on court. Also visible zoom setups like the lebron 10 were pretty stable.

Im concerned about the flexibility, because these go all the way to the toe and if they dont flex enough its gonna be a clunker. I know its gonna have below average flexibility, but I just need enough flex so I dont get the feeling like Im wearing a boot. Theres some cutouts in the foam so nike was aware of this. Hopefully its enough. This shoe is gonna be a forefoot player's dream if eveything goes right.
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I'm worried about stability on these.
I was worried too. But theres so many detailed pics out right now, IG specifically. The heel doesn't show much stability but looking at the forefoot area, it's pretty wide and the out riggers wedge out quite a bit. So I think the worries of teetering over might be put to rest. But we'll see how they feel once we all get to try these on.

Cool little tidbits I learned about these, so I'm sure some are familiar with the Nike Alpha Project (first project was the Presto). They gathered some of those members and went to work for 2 years in creating these - hence the Alpha name.
The Zoom bag is 15mm not 14. On the tounge of the shoe you'll see the acronym AV (air volume), the shoe has 9x's more air injected into the bag than standard.
The flyknit is layered, they mentioned getting your feet stepped on on-court, these add more protection and durability over the single layer flyknit products that have been coming out.

I still might choose the Zoom Rize over these, but I love researching this stuff for all models really.
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That hover board colorway is dope.

The design has a 90s basketball shoe feel to it, I’m just not crazy about the midsole.
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thanks for the picture of the zoom unit. but I thought people said these were double stacked zoom?

and would these sell better if they had a signature player to it?
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I'm not use to the massive visible zoom on the forefoot, looks weird. And with the big swoosh placement looks like a creature lol. Bet it's comfortable but I'll wait for the lows if there will be one.
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As a basketball player that takes off of one foot to dunk, I loved the KD9s and Jordan XX8 because it feel it propelled or gave me a spring. I was gonna get the KD12s for that reason but i might have to see how "springy" they are. The KD9s had too much air sometimes

Tony $now

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These look bulky in the vid above. Need to see the lows/try these on.
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