Nike PG 2

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PG 2 ID's came in today.....KD 2 Creamsicle Inspired, they came out so good. In person they look better in my opinion...but here are some pics

PG 2 Creamsicle ID-3.jpg

PG 2 Creamsicle ID-7.jpg

PG 2 Creamsicle ID-17.jpg

PG 2 Creamsicle ID-10.jpg

PG 2 Creamsicle ID-15.jpg
Got to test out the PG 2’s for the first time, I like them- traction was good for me, not used to having so much zoom cushion in the forefront - but it’s a solid hoop shoe for sure

Looks good, glad to hear they were good performers.
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Does anyone know about the Memba Mentalities release in Canada? my local footlocker says they wont get them
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