Nike x Fear of God Collab - Official Thread (Air Raid F&F IG Shock Drop 10/8 )

Which color of the Air FOG 1 do you prefer?

  • Skylon II - Black

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  • Skylon II - White

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Joined Mar 27, 2015
Received my triple blacks from Nike today. Not really feeling em.

Should I just list on StockX now or do you think these will go back up in a couple weeks?
Joined Feb 3, 2016
Prices seem to be falling. If youre going to sell you may need to sit on it for quite a while or just settle for about $100 profit if that.
Joined Aug 12, 2012
Can't wait to finally beat on a pair of FOG1's..... still patiently waiting on delivery. Spruce and Goatmeals will stay on ice for quite awhile....
Joined Jul 2, 2019
yea... honestly I would probably just sell. These are pretty boring and are going to follow in the footsteps of goatmeals. Throw that oop to an NT’er or just try to sell somewhere with less fees
I find that really doubtful actually. Black sells better and rumors are this is the last FOG1. I see all of 'em going up, truthfully. Not for a little while though, especially with the current circumstances
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