Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Retro

Joined Feb 23, 2006
Is anyone actually hooping in these? Not any performance reviews on these out there. Are these built like the originals or are they designed like a Protro type deal for hooping. Between these and the AZG, I have yet to see a pair in a store or someone wearing them since they have retroed.

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
Joined Jun 29, 2012
I'm not a hooper, but i asume that playing in these retros is just fine. I never had the OGs but from the comments in here, people say that the retro comes very close to it in terms of comfort and build quality.

As far as not seeing them on people's feet or in any physical store, I like the exclusivity. Not like Js where errbody and they momma got em
Joined Dec 13, 2018
If they fit you, the shoes are just fine to ball in, to hell with that gimmick protro crap. They scammed everyone with that line in order to get people to buy them.
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