Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Retro

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
Joined Jun 29, 2012
SVSM 3s are nice, but i prefer the AZG version due to the colorblocking. I feel like the 3 should have had a bit more green or gold accents around the shoe. The letters on the strap thingy between the lace eyelets should have been gold. The 'SVSM' are in plain white and you can't really see them unless you're up close. I like the three leaf clover on the back of the heel tab though, it was a nice little touch.

Ricky D

formerly centex hogg
Joined Mar 3, 2013
How do the 3d fit? I got the Oilers in 10.5 but haven’t been able to try them on yet. I see the SVSM in a size 10 but don’t want to get it if the 3 runs small.
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