Niketalk, Anyone here get your Master's degree online?

Discussion in 'General' started by datznasty, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. datznasty


    May 26, 2001
    I've been looking into over a year. somewhat half assed, but ready to jump into it for real. I was probably going to look at something in health like Master's of Public Health Administration or Epidemiology, and maybe from there see if Med school is an option I'd like to consider. I want to do it all online because at this point I can't put my life on pause to be a student again, and there are plenty of real schools (I prefer to use a school with a campus and not a Devry type, no disrespect to them or those who use them) who offer options. Ideally, I pick a good program like University fo Alabama's or USC Kyke School of Medicine offers it, and I make a trip out to the campus every month still just to see the labs, facilities, meet professors, etc. and be more immersed in it than I was in undergrad where I admittedly just did enough to get my paper and be out of there.

    The degrees are the same as traditional students, doesn't say "online" on it or regarded any lesser, in fact you are literally just like any other student except for the delivery of the materials so I could even go to football game, go play ball at the gym or something.

    Anyways, has anyone done a full Master's degree track all online? What did you think? Also, how did you pay for it? Right now, University of Alabama is the cheapest at only $314hr, George Washington, Grambling St, and Arizona where all $750/hr, Arizona was like $900/hr I think (but that lady damn near hung up on me when I told her my undergrad GPA), USC was $1700/hr, and New York University was $17,000 a semester :x
  2. gatorb807


    Apr 1, 2007
    Close to finishing mine up. Getting my Masters in Teacher Leadership. Its a requirement to have a Masters after 10 years if teachin in public schools in KY.

    All of my classes have been online through Western Kentucky University. I lack 2 classes, it has overall been a good experience. Taking the summer bi term classes can be a hassle because of the pacing. I usually take full fall and spring term classes one class per semester to avoid student loans. My wife goes through another school and her classes are quicker paced, $ adds up quicker also.

    WKU is around $300 a credit, but i am lucky a wealthy community member has a scholarship for teachers in my county and they pay $1000 per semester if in good academic standing. Also get a rebate for teaching in the area, i have been blessed and usually only pay $170 per 3 hour class after the scholarship. It has taken longer to complete degree, but saving the money was worth it to me.

    Online classes work well for me, i usually try and stay ahead especially in the winter when we have snow days i do a lot of work to get ahead. Lot of reading and discussion boards in some classes others are project based and use adobe connect to meet. All depends on program and school, where my wife takes classes they have weekly class at a set time and have to use headphones with a microphone, mine dont.

    Good luck, there will be some busy and tough times if you pursue it, but in the long run its worth it to have the ability to advance your career. I waited too long to start mine and had some catching up to do to keep updated certification. Also will get a salary increase after completing program. I try to rent or buy used textbooks from amazon that helps saving $ also.
  3. datznasty


    May 26, 2001
    That's a great price. I am looking at it now, how long is it supposed to take?

    I literally know nothing about the loan process. The school I went to was damn near free, and I would have never qualified for FAFSA anyways. Is 102k for an entire grad program a lot?

    I can't believe colleges are charging so much for online programs, technically it doesn't cost them more to offer it to 1 person or 1,000, not significantly so anyways. NYU looks awesome though, but 17k a semester?! C'mon bruh
  4. shorty doo wop

    shorty doo wop

    Feb 5, 2011
    :wow: 300 a credit?

    I go to brooklyn college and its almost 500 per credit
  5. af1 1982

    af1 1982

    Aug 5, 2005
    In the process of applying to schools to get my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

    Wish me luck fellas!
  6. ahat20


    Mar 19, 2013
    Taking my laat 2 classes in Masters of Accountancy, all online. While I found it somewhat challenging to learn everything on mine own compared to listening to a professors lecture as I did with my undergrad, I liked the flexibility of it. I was able to work fulltime 9-5 and take 2 or 3 courses at a time. Even when i worked the graveyard shift at a hotel I could do work on the computer during slow days or slow hours. I was able to get a lot of my textbooks as e-books so that helped. Of course the downside is procrastination but if you can schedule time each day to work on assignments youll be fine. Beats physically being in class and not being able to work.