Now that VC is done with the V's...

Hey, when did the VC IV's in white/red release?
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KingJay718 the vc iv white/red were a china exclusive. there were a few on ebay.
He wore them against the Spurs for a lil bit on TNT in 2002, until he was injured.

And those VC Lows were very good on the basketball. Very underrated. Kicksology rated those very high.
Team N.Y. Knicks
Team Tweener. Face nor heel
The Is were so bad that I didnt even pick them up when they were 19.99....

Loved 2s and 3s, and 4s are one of the most comfortable shoes ive ever worn.
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I'm Taiwanese, if that matters.
^^ I love my 4's, but i gotta stop wearing them, they're so screwed up, but i keep balling int hem because they're so comfy :D. I gotta pick up another pair off ebay.

Here you go...

These were a kid's size, that's why they have the bb4 sole.
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Man this is such a great post.

It's really great to see those pix and recall the memories of collecting what he worn for each season.Ever since Puma Cell Origin Mid.

Hope this is not the time to bring all the pairs out and take a goodbye picture ......

Thanks for sharing.
Regards from Beijing
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SMH, if Paul Pierce still has a shoe than so should carter, even if they don't sell them publicly
Nike has consistently marketed VC much more than Pierce. They know that VC's popularity globally far exceeds PP's. Therefore even though Pierce has a shoe that only he wears (same for Vince with the Spotlight), Carter still has shoes made for the general public (Shox Leapers VC, Shox Testify VC, and the summer released Shox Spotlight VC).
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No I meant Nike is planning on releasing a Nets colorway of the Spotlights for the summer.
My block is hot, kojak got his Kodak
When is the shoe gonna drop then? Before the summer i hope. I wanna get me a pair of them and i have no clue when they are set to come out.
Nice pic during the intros...

Pretty much safe to say Vince will be going with these at home for the rest of the season:


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the spotlights look like af1s from far away. if they make a low with the right colors/materials, i'd rock with jeans.
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