NTers in Connecticut

^Haha I remember you told me that one in Greenwich was a bust. I was almost ready to go. Bridgeport wasn't bad actually. Tough for a size 14 guy like myself but they did a decent job I would say.
I regret not going to the Bridgeport one to this day. Oh well, if they have it again I'm definitely in.
Fam. I'm in Hartford and I'm already ready for the cold season again :smh:

I can't stand the heat, and this 80+ degree weather this early snuck a young __ something fierce.
Milford isnt terrible depending on the area. I live in the next town over; Orange.

Theres also a park behind the milford public library (along with tennis courts and 2 full courts)

Good luck settling up here. its a nice place to live.
Lifelong CT resident chiming in....

Obvious statement but Connecticut is not always cold.... the same for Miami not always being hot. New England has more of the 4 seasons weather change than southern states (especially Miami). May-Sept are usually the warm weather months. There have been times I wore shorts for Halloween, and times I wore Under Armor cold-gear under my costume.

Milford, just like other towns/cities, has good areas to live in, as well as bad. Do we even have to talk about Newtown and what occurred there? The area around the beaches are nicer/more desirable, as it cost more to live near the water. Sections of Stamford have multi-million dollar homes as well as projects, it all depends on the neighborhood (Greenwich has housing projects and low income areas). Try not to compare the crime data between a small town and city. The part of Fairfield that borders Westport is more desirable than the area of Fairfield that borders Bridgeport because Westport is safer/nicer/more desirable than Bridgeport. Lower Fairfield County is more affiliated (news, lifestyle) with NYC than northern CT (look at how Craigslist separates the 2 areas for example). It's almost like 2 different states altogether.

If the job is in Hartford, look at areas around Hartford (West Hartford, Farmington) as well as north of New Haven (Hamden, Wallingford, Southington). I'm not too familiar with the areas around the Berlin Turnpike but that may be something to look into as well. You may grow tired of driving from Milford to Hartford. Also look into the areas around local colleges/University.

The malls in CT are fine as long as you aren't looking for exclusive/limited release kicks. Since the mid 2000's, the sneaker game in CT has gone downhill.
So what can I do up here? :lol:

Depends on the area and your preferences....To name a few things to do in CT:

Clinton Premium Outlets

Nightlife in Hartford, New Haven, (Norwalk/Stamford area, Whiteplains, NY if you are in Southern CT)

Connecticut river tubing.

Live @ 5 in Stamford (Thursdays during the summer months)

Various farms (weekend/weekday activities, a few have corn mazes in the fall).

Various state parks/beaches.

Beardsley zoo in Bridgeport.

XL center in Hartford for concerts/events.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos.

Places for Adventure Ed activities (indoor wall climbing), Trampoline park (in Trumbull)

Chelsea Piers Stamford (trampoline, indoor water park, basketball leagues)

Indoor sports/leagues (Branford sportsplex, SoNo Fieldhouse, Chelsea Piers, place in New Milford, place in Trumbull)

Lake Compounce and Quassy Amusement Park. Playland in Rye, NY if in Southern CT

Pistol ranges (that I know of) in Bridgeport, Norwalk. Outdoor range in Berlin (might be for Gov. employees/State Police only)
I ended up going to this club in new haven the other day. Vandom was the name, very different from what I'm accustomed too but as the night went on it got better.
I ended up going to this club in new haven the other day. Vandom was the name, very different from what I'm accustomed too but as the night went on it got better.

The place to be on a Thursday or Saturday night!!
It was under a different name when I attended SCSU, but same building/venue.

That's an area of New Haven you don't want to move to....at least when I was going to Southern.
What other clubs would be like that? New haven or Hartford area? Not going to lie saw some nice chicks there, I might go again :lol:
Many of the club/bar scenes will be like that in New Haven, Hartford, & Stamford/Norwalk.
Depends on the type of bar/club scene you are looking for.

As far as New Haven goes, the area around Crown street is where most of the bars/clubs are.

Hartford: The area around the XL center.

Stamford/Norwalk: Downtown Stamford (area around Bobby Valentine's restaurant) & Bedford Street (area between McDonalds up to the Police Dept). Sign of the Whale (on the water, not near the other locations mentioned) is the spot to be at during the summer time as they have a rooftop.

If in Norwalk, try the Washington Street area (by the Maritime Center).

If the Stamford/Norwalk area doesn't do it for you, drive another 15 minutes to downtown Whiteplains, NY (Mamaroneck Ave).....more spots concentrated in one area and later closing times than CT. When the bars/clubs close in southern CT, many head to White plains and/or Port Chester (Davy Byrnes)
New haven has boutiques its just that a lot of people are scared to go to them from ot and as far dude saying we careless about kicks is untrue we just don't care for the hype shoes other people go crazy for will sit on shelves in NH not because we don't rock jays its because their corny...
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