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Have some people who were born in NYC, never been out. 

I can't imagine being born there, never leaving, then dying there. 

You would never get to see Earths natural beauty.

al audi

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No place I would rather be in the US :smokin

I would like to got Paris and London one day tho
lol i know a chick who has been to paris and london multiple times, i swear she has a sponsor on the low. chick is gorgeous.

also traveling is a luxury

think about the ppl who live in lil small towns who dont even get out let alone living in NYC that has a lot of culture.
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OP you ain't fooling ANYONE with this subliminal trap for da Ninjahood

OP you ain't fooling ANYONE with this subliminal trap for da Ninjahood
Clearly a troll thread lol.

A subliminal thread about Ninjahood. Get off of his **** bruh.
Its about people from NYC that have never left. I'm wondering if anyone on here has never left da greatest city in da world or know people who have never left.

Maybe people like ksteezy or ninjahood know people who have never left, who are famous for reppin their city. 

I just can't imagine being stuck in a crowded city for my whole life with no experience of the outside world and what it has to offer. 
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I was born in lower manhattan
and i've been out & live in the dirty south now
nyc >>> :nthat:

I know some city cats that never been to the state of ny :smh:
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You say it's not about Ninja yet you use "da" instead of "the" in your last post. The post before that you used "the" as you would regularly. Unless you vary from da to the on any given sentence, which I doubt
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For people saying that he's taking shots at Ninjahood, that doesn't seem to be the case.
Big coincidence that a NYC bubble thread is made after folks were getting on Ninja in another thread about the bubble world he lives in.....
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NYC is da greatestestest city in the UNIVERSE! Not world but U-N-I-V-E-R-S-E!

And French closed out summer jam..
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