NYC HIGH SCHOOLERS. Transfer questions.

Apr 27, 2005
Someone probably posted about this already,but Im lo0kin to transfer schools.

So i go to Brooklyn Technical High School, about to be a sophomore, and I really wanna go to Fort Hamilton.

i know that there are 3 ways to transfer, since i tried this last year.


Im gonna try and go for the safety transfer. My plan is to say that there's gang activity going on in the school and that ive been cornered in the hallways, and had a switchblade pulled out on me, because one gang thinks im part of a rival gang.

If they ask me to point them out, ill say either:

a) "I couldnt really make out who it was because I was so scared" etc

b) " It's gonna be obvious to them who told on them " etc

Any flaws in the story? Any other information that i'm gonna need? NY is real strict on this kind of @#%$ so I wanna know if I even get to choose what school I go to. Im feenin for Fort Ham, and no other school so I just wanna know the process.

I know NT is full of great, clever minds who can lie their @#%$ off so any help is good.

from the site.

Reapply for 10th grade: If you or your child finds out in the fall of freshman year, that she is unhappy with her high school, she can apply for 10th grade admission into other schools. Talk to your child's guidance counselor about this option.

Travel hardship: If you move during high school and your child ends up with a long commute to school, he can claim a "travel hardship" and request a transfer to a school closer to your new home. :smh:

and david if your reading this @#%$ you lol
why would you want to transfer? i go to tech also. just curious.
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If you want out...go...but make sure your story sounds extra real

because they are probably going to drill you with questions
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shoot if i went to tech id want to transfer too..the work is too hard and theres a rival skool not too far i belive??dewitt clinton?? but dont be a liar tho bcus it gonna make u look like a punani
to tell you the truth, im not feelin it at all. i can really say wholeheartedly i made a mistake by bubbling in that circle on the application. people are gonna say, "stick it out its only 4 years" or " stay there its a good school" but would you stay in a situation that makes you unhappy? tech diplomas nice, and kudos to dudes who went through 4 years to get it but in the end I can manage with a regular diploma.

schools hard and @#%$ i study my @#%$ off and get a 65, barely passin classes. i kno thats on me though. i have parents who dont know @#%$, and if i dont get 90s they go crazy.

if i go to any other public high school ill be droppin 90s and be on the honor roll.

and the ugly girls dont help either. dudes who go to tech, dont front, girls here are busted.
Stay in Tech. You were lucky to get into a specialized school, take advantage of it.
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dude tech isn't hard at all...feels just like any regular school..what're you talking about.
"Your lies have killed more men in a day than I have in a lifetime." -CSM
You're plan is horrible they will never believe that especially in tech a specialized highschool which is not dangerous whatsoever. Your best bet is travel hardship since the school is all the way in downtown brooklyn.
^ i dont wanna give away any info on myself but, the train station i take is on 45th street in BK, and i was thinking about using my friends address who lives on 95th street. is that distance far enough? 95th street is pretty close to fort , so i could also make up some crap about picking up my little brother from school if i get home earlier. some bs.

i hate my situation.
^That could work but i dont think they would just believe that you live there without some kind of proof which i dont know if your friend is willing to give up.
just say you want to be a part of their football program......they won the psal title
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I think that you realized that Tech is alot harder than you though it would be.

if i go to any other public high school ill be droppin 90s and be on the honor roll.

But you realize your not helping yourself right?. I sound corny but if your getting good education stay where your at. I tried getting into Tech but failed the test, so be proud that you got that far. From Tech to Fort Ham? Sounds like your lowering your standards.

schools hard and i study my off and get a 65, barely passin classes.

then you would be getting 90's

Why cant you just stick it out. I mean Brookyln Tech is a good look for anybody.
Yo its not even about the school work anymore. at this point the best analogy I can make is to compare the schools to girls.

Right now, I'm with a Dime. Shes a 10, she looks real good on the outside, but on the inside, she's whack. She has no personality, shes boring, and just not the person I can see myself with.

On the other hand, Forts like a nice 7-8, not the best lookin chick but her personality gives her that edge that I want. This girl could make me happy, unlike the dime whos nice to look at but can't even carry a conversation with me.
^. Just stick it out with the dime piece cause in the end its gonna be worth it cause you can show her off to other HOTTER dime pieces in the future. They will be like "Oh, he was with her all those years? I want him to be with me now."

What grade are you in?
I'm not gonna lie. We don't have the BEST looking girls. I don't mean to sound like a pedo but there is a chick in your year that is absolutely banging. I'm not gonna say any names but you probably know her. Shes cute as hell. I'm a senior now so I dunno I might start looking elsewhere for girls. Earlier this year I posted up some chicks from tech and this board flamed me into oblivion. I guess I kinda did make them out to be hotter than they were. The hot girls are few and scarce but if you look around, you will find em.
amen but staying that first year at tech destroyed my standards. i felt drunk when i saw like 5s thinking they were hot but my friends snapping me back to reality.

whats that girls name you're talkin about? initials or ethnicity?

and i remember that thread. you posted up some dominican girl who dudes beast over.
I go to tech and like you homie i HATED FRESHMEN YEAR. I tried transferring to Midwood. Didn't work. Sophomore year though it got a lot better. Trust me you'll get used to the school unless you have Dr. Brandler for math. Oh God *Shudders

Gonna be a junior and i can say Tech isn't that bad. Your story isn't gonna work and gonna end up biting you in the ***

And yes the girls aren't great. But there are some. Nice to see Tech heads here on niketalk. Brooklyn tech niketalk summit. lol
I won't say her name but she looks spanish but shes not. She's like asian or something. Her name might be Jessica. I actually forgot. Yeah that chick that dudes beast over still looks good IMO. If you thoght freshman year was hard, you're gonna be dying junior year. Stick it out though. Its for the best. When you get your schedule tomorrow, let me know and I'll tell you if you have some good or bad teachers.

brownsuga1 good luck on your junior year.
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