NYC Summit on July 13th REVISED

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EDIT: since there's lotta people that were down to do something, me and cedric ceballos figured let's hit up coney island in the late afternoon/early evening and chill there. we can eat good food there, play games, drink beer and chill out. so the plan for saturday is now Coney Island!

EDIT: due to poor planning on the people hosting it, we cannot do this because of many complications of organizing this. I apologize for this.

So it's the same day as SneakerCon NYC but we are organizing a BBQ/cookout in the afternoon probably around 2-3 pm at Riverbank Park at 145th street. There are about 10 people confirmed already and Ninjahood said he's down to come so we should have a good group going. Bring food/drink and yourself or if you dont care to eat/drink come chill anyways! Post here if you have any questions or if you want to come.
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I ran into ninjahood last night at the Marina. I was drunk so I actually approached him.
Dude ain't know who I was so I snuffed him....he's a cool dude though. Talked for a quick minute. Thank you ninjahood.
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I'm visiting my sister in Brooklyn that weekend! I'm going to try to the best of my abilities to go to this summit.

10 people have confirmed. Anybody else?

Put me in as "maybe" at the moment.
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T Lo Sweater

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Invite some of nts fallen soldiers to make this even better

Nomad (where is he? Thats my dude)
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i wanna go but i dont know anyone on NT, but the subway from midtown east is pretty easy so ill probably come by
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