Official 02/26/2005 Black/Altitude Green XIII Post


Dec 8, 2000
I know some of you members are tired of seeing posts about the Altitudes this, Altitudes that. So with the request of many NikeTalk members, this will be the official post. Any other posts concerning about this shoe will be deleted and/or locked. This includes previous posts.

02/26/2005 Air Jordan Retro 13
310004-031 Black/Altitude Green

ing for Michigan at forward, a 6-9 freshman from Detroit, MI #4 Chris Webber; at forward, a 6-6 freshman from Austin, TX #21 Ray Jackson; at center, a 6-9 freshman from Chicago, IL #25 Juwan Howard; at guard a 6-5 freshman from Plano, TX #24 Jimmy King; and at guard, a 6-8 freshman from Detroit, MI #5 Jalen Rose. They were known as the "Greatest Class Ever Recruited" or simply known as the Fab Five ~ Mitch Albom [/size][/b][/size][/color][/font]
San Diego people, please post info and knowledge here.
I'll call shiekhs tomorrow and update.

As of now none of the footactions know if they're gettin them or not, (which I think is BS). I'm guessing they kno and not sharing.

Thanx for the sticky, we needed it.

looks like there is sumthin to go with these...the shirt is :pimp:
imo and thats not jus cuz it matches...anyways...wut time do u guys think ur goin to ntsf to pick these up?
i buy what i like...rockin the shoe and not the hype

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^as in the 26th rite????u arent goin at like 11 pm on the 25 are u??? if any1 is, theyre crazy
i buy what i like...rockin the shoe and not the hype

sz11 CALIS up for trade...need a pair in sz 9/9.5...hit me up on aim-MR ISURRI of MIKEYSNIKES21
I thought Nike stated that these were limited exclusively to Nike Towns and Foot Actions in select cities/states?

If someone could clear that up for me I'd appreciate it.
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Md heads can look to Shoe City's and Downtown Locker Rooms. I'm going to Iverson Mall, they should have at least 3 to 4 stores that have em over there.
Friedmans in Minneapolis will be releasing them in the middle of the month. Maybe 2/19 instead of 2/26
You frown upon my man asking about Black and Oranges...i have recently talk to a tru Jordan head, a collector with over 200 pairs and he said that there was talk of a black and orange shoe coming soon, he said this year will be full of "limited" or "suprise" shoes...i would not be suprised to see them...just sharing what i heard
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airc23j yeah niketown on 5ave will have them but what time will you be there with the other hundred heads :b
for all Md heads the shoe city in Iverson said they release them early. they said Feb 19.
I dont know how sure he was but he sounded positive.
if so i will be there early cause they are :pimp:
will the altitudes be available outside the US, like in Asia, specifically in the Philippines
i have no clue about the philippines...but i know for sure that taiwan's got a bunch of them...and they're already out
College Station, Texas baby
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who's your source that is quoting niketown ny is only getting 500 pairs?

i have a feeling they are gonna get more.................
^^^ I guess every Niketown don't get the same amount because Niketown LA isn't gettin that many.

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If shoe city sell them early I will report they *** to Nike, well only if I can make some bread off of being a snitch, but if I get them early mean more profits on ebay and more necks broken in Terp City.
i think there are kid's sizes. i was at a mom and pop shop in socal 2 weeks before the grey toes dropped and they had these altitudes on display and said they only had up to size 7.
I don't think they are that "limited" ... they were even in the JB Magazine advertising them .... Melo II's got NOTHING and they were VERY EASY to obtain.

Well the black/carolina XII's were also advertised
Heads up to Bay Area cats... and evry1 else

Altitudes.... ONLY men's sizes. NO kids

release is on the 26
NTSF will have a midnight release.. so line up on the 25th EARLY.
wrist bands 2 people in line and limited to one per customer.

VERY VERY VERY limited shoe. only selected NTs in SF LA NY etc etc.... Footlocker, champs, etc will not get them... Sheek will be gettin them

mail your concerns and comments to
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NTSF will have a midnight release.. so line up on the 25th EARLY.
wrist bands 2 people in line and limited to one per customer.
This is 100% confirmed? Because I was hoping for two pairs.
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if there is a midnite release, you have to either call the store or go to the store and ask for info in regards to what time they give them out...............make sure you talk to someone in the store that knows what he/she is talking about........when the air jordan 7 olympic retros came out, a store employee who i work with at another job gave me incorrect info, and because of that, i was unable to get the shoes at niketown(i had found out they gave out wristbands at 12 noon; i dropped in at about 5 pm, and he never mentioned wristbands being given out) just try to get confirmation from the store, and call on different days/times to see if you get consistant info..........and i believe you get one wristband, and one pair of shoes you are allowed to purchase..............
and as for price after the release, i'm guessing anywhere between 225-250 from someone reputable..............
Niketown will open at 8am on the 26th, unless there is a midnight release. I haven't heard anything about a midnight release but if I do, I'll repost here.
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Went to Sleep at like 5am I was up all night with wifey
( If you know what I mean :evil:
So Im dead tired :x
and A sleep when at 10:30am I Heard my My Girl Punk Yorkie Barking for like 5 mins >:
because someone was knocking my door but anyway it was the postman :nerd:
(what time they deliver around your way?)
So im like it's maddd early I was Tight! >:

but when he handed me the box I knew
what it was :pimp:

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For Vegas heads or people that live by Vegas, Nike town will have them for sure. My boy works there and showed me there Jordan brand binder with all the release dates and the Altitudes will be there. 1 pair per person, and my boy told me they're gonna do the wristband raffle where they pull out a number and whatever number they pull will be the first in line and all numbers after that line up behind. Which i think is dumb but oh well. Better bring all your cousins to put on wristbands.

Its been announced that only 46 pairs will be comign to HOUSTON. 66 pairs.

If thats bad enough, 26 pairs goes to employees/managers/ and 20 goes to whome ever catches them first. The store that is getting 40 is active althete. 6 is going to sharpstown.

I know it sounds fishy but when was the last time houston got an abundance of limited stuff.

Btw i got this info from my cousin( he knows all the managers of both footaction at greenspoint,willow, and sharpstown)

Please someone clear this up. I hope my cousin is wrong.

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