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Click/swipe for more photos of the Scarr's. They're incredibly well done IMO. Good subtle details from the pizzeria (although I live on SI so I don't know my Manhattan pizzerias therefore never been to Scarr's), gum sole, mini swoosh on u throat, denim flag, gum sole, gum sole, gum sole. Would definitely rock.

from comments: "Also, for everyone asking: these are NOT bespokes! They're true collabs. Fewer than 40 made!"
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I’ll never be a fan of each shoe being a different color.

First shoe I remember mismatched like that was a pair of Jordan's around maybe 15 years ago. Was a team pair. One shoe was white/red and other was black/red. Each looked great but not mismatched.
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Late to the party but just copped a pair of grey psny af1s. Really wanted that pair and under retail, no complaints
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Im not an AF1 head but I like the story behind these Scarrs.....What I dont understand...well what I never understood is what is the point of making 40 pairs and giving them to Clark, Mayor, All Day, A....all these dudes that dont NEED a hook up (#thelist)....

Why not raffle them off or something creative....

Someone somewhere is like .....lets make 5 pairs and give them all to people that have a TON of 1 of 5's already....

Just dont understand that...
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