Just held the new linens in hand earlier. JESUS THEY HARD. Shop ain’t get a 7.5 so big sad. I did manage to secure my homie a pair doe!

They getting a 10.5? :nthat: :lol:

Oneness have the snakes for $90 right now
Finally I now own these! My pair from Hip arrived.

So tempting. I was hoping Linens would be lile white pink COTM where the hype was a selected few. But looks like its not the case.
Footdistrict dropped on Friday and still has 9.5 and smaller sitting. I was able to place an order for the last 10 they had. No shipping yet, but the fact that they are still up makes me feel better. Gonna be another one of them ones in the US where 10 and up are significantly more hard to get. Nike still putting on for the Tiktok crowd.
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