LMAO dude got pressed as hell. He don't even know what pocket watching means :rofl:

FWIW, I paid $239 for my used 2001s in 2019. Took a L on those because I wore em a few times to the point where the sole got even worse, maybe sold for like $175 Then I paid like $330 for used 2016s in 2020. Sold those for about $800 in 2021. Pandemic was a wild time
Since tax is different in each state I typically don’t include tax/fees but I assume it would be useful to include. I ended up paying $201.01 but had a $10 credit card coupon for a total of $191.01. No sales tax in my state. Good luck to everybody going after a pair this week.
don't think its pocket watching but at $177 others would probably also cop at the price for the ease of mind, but when the total is an extra $40 than what was originally quoted it might not seem so appealing anymore.

If someone is pressed over $40 to secure a certified classic, I gotta question whether or not they truly want them. It’s 40 bucks. :lol:

I’m all for saving $$, but again…it’s 40 dollars. :lol:
Still have an ID pair that I did that is DS which is going to be my consoling prize after I take this L on Thursday.

What's next they gonna charge me to wear em?
Pairs from Footdistrict came in. Pretty happy with them. Had to pay an extra £70 for Import duty but it is what it is.
Only minor complaint is the edge of leather on the swoosh not being the same colour but that's me nitpicking.

Now, what do I do to preserve the 2nd pair for the long term, silica gel packets?

Got some bonus shots with my iD and OG pair as well. Gave up trying to whiten those midsoles.

Good luck to everyone on Thursday. Hope you all hit.



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