Official Air Jordan 11 Retro "Bred" - The aftermath.... No Buying/Selling/Trading

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UPDATE DECEMBER 21, 2012: CounterKicks can confirm Air Jordan 11 Breds total production run of 500,000k -- HALF A MILLION PAIRS...


This release is confirmed.

STYLE CODE: 378037-101

More info and original story via today.


UPDATE 5-10-12:

Jordan Brand finalizes price on this year's Air Jordan 11 Retro release to $185:


UPDATE 7-20-12:

This is everything I personally know about Air Jordan 11 "Bred" as of today, and originally posted on CounterKicks here:

Republished in full below via CK...

Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred” Release (As Of Today)

You remember the Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred” that’s set to be the biggest footwear release for Jordan Brand this year, in December 2012, right? Right?

Well, here’s a few of the latest scoops CK rounded up from our sources that we’re making public:

1) Official factory production on Jordan 11 “Bred” starts tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Nike’s contract factories are producing the mainland China supply first, which carries an alternate size sticker inside the shoe of course. As in, a US size 9 shoe will be labeled size 42.5 on the China tag. It also comes with an additional Chinese box label, as is customary. After the China run, the factories will then switch over to feed the beast that is the United States consumer.

2) That image you see above is a small image splice of the 2012 edition Air Jordan 11 Retro. It’s a “test sample” as again, (see point 1), production kicks off tomorrow. Our source won’t let us publicly show the full, all access angles just yet, but expect image distribution to hit relatively soon as the kicks are just hitting the factory floor.

3) The box. According to our source, as of this moment, unless someone at Jordan Brand reads this and decides to make a running change, there is no special box this year. Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred” is currently (could and can change) as of today set to be housed in the new-to-2012 but ultimately regular modeled black cardboard Jordan Brand boxes with the huge Jumpman logo on the box tops and enlarged size labels and style description on the front that every other Jordan shoe comes in. This is the box the China rollout will be placed into. For now. For what we know.

4) In case you were wondering, and you weren’t, the Air Jordan 11 boxes and the Air Jordan 11 shoes are produced in different factories.

5) The “test sample” version Air Jordan 11 Bred referenced in point 2 that the China factories are modeling after for their production units feature the carbon fiber shank plate underfoot in an alternating grey-and-black pattern variety. This is what I can describe the images provided to me look like. Again, production version AJ11 Bred photos will be out soon for all of us to re-discern ourselves.

Bonus) It’s still set for a retail price of $185.

We’ll update as more info becomes available and mass production ramps up. But this is everything you need to know, as of today.


UPDATE 7-25-12:

First batch of images start hitting Internet:


UPDATE: 8-10-12
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just 1 pair for me. my 2001s are still in great shape. seeing what Concords did to the resale market, ill grab a couple extra and push them off.

if people thought Concords was bad, this will be even worse. this colorway was what ignited the XI hype back in 1996.


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BULL *&&&*^ !!!!! 

Jordan Brand know them kids ain't as familiar with the Columbias as they are with the Black/Red. The hype will be crazier with these, more $$$$ in their pocket.

!%# JB

DJ Shift

formerly dj5h1ft
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I'll be in Australia this winter (their summer) for this release. I won't have to deal with the mayhem here, lol. I already have the CDP's but you know how those are... 
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Originally Posted by sthebest

just 1 pair for me. my 2001s are still in great shape. seeing what Concords did to the resale market, ill grab a couple extra and push them off.

if people thought Concords was bad, this will be even worse. this colorway was what ignited the XI hype back in 1996.

my thoughts exactly i only need one my 01's are still
but will cop as many as possible for trade bait just like i did with the iv's
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Oh lord......I will gladly pay more to cop early and not have to deal with every website crashing and crazy people out at the stores.
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Man, what happened to the Columbias? I don't need these. My least favorite XI colorway. I might just cop one pair just to have. JB still playing games...
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First page

It's gonna be a cold winter tho.... I'm glad they picked these over columbias... I remember a nt saying a while ago we really jus got columbias a couple years ago with the anni joints so these deserve their return...
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Originally Posted by Magic1978

Originally Posted by AceBoogie

I'll gladly pay the $260 to cop early and avoid the madness.


Not anymore
I got a Christmas account open and I can't make any withdrawals till Nov./Dec. I'm going to simply take that money and buy these early as long as they're less than $300. I mean, $180 is already steep as it is. And if I want them AFTER release I gotta pay more. I may lose my life waiting in line and I may off myself by getting screwed online with NDC. So I'll have like $280 ready for a pair of these...

***EDIT*** I guess no lows then

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LOL there were riots for these back in 01, can't imagine what its going to be like this time.
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damn...people will go crazy again, missed the concords, but not gonna miss these!
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