Dec 14, 1999
With the release date right around the corner and more and more posts popping up, an "Official" post was warranted.

You guys know the deal. Please add any information, pictures, questions, comments, concerns or complaints in this thread!


That's what our buy/sell forums are for!

Ask the people from the Foamposite, Spiz'ike and black/silver V's posts what happens when you break the rules....Oh wait, you can't....That's because they got suspended! so, please NO BUYING/SELLING/TRADING in this thread! Don't even TRY and get around the rules with useless posts that point to your for-sale sig. In fact, if you have 'em for sale in your sig, don't even post unless you have something valuable to add to the topic. These posts will be deleted on site.

So enough babble....
02/17/2007 Air Jordan XX2
315299-161 White/Varsity Red-Black
02/17/2007 Air Jordan XX2
316238-002 Black/Amber (Basketball Leather)
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How can a company progress into the future with a complete step backwards in technology!?! JB went from full length Zoom Air or even double stacked Zoom in the heel to a detachable pod that covers maybe a square inch of the heel!?! And who cares whether its zoom or the normal air and actually changes the pods out!?!?

So I guess the real question is to buy the white or the basketball leather? Or both if you're really feeling them? I think thats kind of crazy to buy both (online) ahead of the release without even trying them on, but they sure look nice.
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Benn loving them since day 1..already got mine and gonna cop another from swoosh later this month

If you have any 11-12 shoes (especially Jordan) for sale, email me at joe_peezy10@hotmail.com
still up in the air on whether or not to buy...........im still of the thought, its hard for me to buy a shoe the man himself never wore in a game............
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I tried them on a few days ago and they fell absolutely amazing, now I'm contemplating getting them through a hookup on release day.
This shoe will not dissapoint once you get it in person. The look is very sleek and smooth and the fit and comfort is just incredible. JB just keeps making them better and better and this shoe just proves it. Now on the third year the IPS is almost perfected and should be a staple now of all future J's. And going back to Bulls colorways on the first release is always a huge plus. And then the cherry on top is the return of the clear sole. I mean who can be mad at that. This shoe was great since the first day I saw it and now it's far surpassed my expectations. Big ups to JB for doing it right again.
Ordered mine from PYS... waiting for them to arrive. Someone get Flint in here to post some pics!
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very passable shoe, about on par with the xx1's, just passable

the white/black colorway isn't BAD.. but i agree.. pretty passable much like the XXI's.. but anyone have any pics of the other planned colorways??
I agree, passable shoe. Ugly IMO, the hype ain't getting me on these puppies. These are right up there with the XVs in terms of "too much concept not enough style" factor.

And don't even get me started on the b'ball QS leather... sheesh.
Anyone know how these fit? True to size, big, small, etc??? Thanks...
I have DMP Size 9 to trade w/ Your Size 10.5 or 11; Looking for SoCal/LA trade
White Laser IVs size 11/11.5 for sale or trade with Black Laser IVs
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Really cool watching the progress of the samples to final production. Was excited about the temperature sensitive heel, but they still look FIYAH. The last 2 J's were amazing performance-wise.

Can't wait to style on some cats. (O you mad?)

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the whites are hot. I kinda like the basketball ones just because it's never been done before. Jordan wants ALL our money, droppin' these, IIIs, pckets are hurting.
Both are hott imo..but i feel let down by the commercial..i'm not sure what i'll do on release day..cop both or just one..flint could you post ur pics please..
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