Official Air Max 95 Collection Post!

Joined Jul 14, 2008
sick stuff ucasta, always good to see everything being worn.

kickz4show- stash's... i'm salty
Joined Aug 6, 2008
Originally Posted by Modzzilla

Hmm, i need more 95s.
Truth.. I watched some Slates go for $20 last night on the bay, I was on the fence about them. Mostof yall know the newer 95's are no where near the older ones quality wise.


Joined Apr 27, 2008
^ That's because Skechers copied them... lol

Dope 95s everyone...

I thought I had more than 8 pairs but I guess not
It's hard to find95s in a 13 when you don't scour the net anymore...

Can't wait for Cubanbee to stumble across this page... He will shut it down...

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