*Official BIG K.R.I.T.***New Album***:: "KRIT IZ HERE" OUT JULY 12 2019!! "KRIT HERE" OUT NOW!!!

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I held off listening to the new KRIT song in June, not gonna lie, i'm a big fan of KRIT but the first half of this album knocks something serious..... ehhh but that second half i don't know man
This it started off great (except for that song with Wayne) then it dropped off.
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Good album, but it's way more mellow than I was expecting, and doesn't have the punch that previous albums and tapes had. No Ride With Me, Lay Up, Rotation, R4 Theme, Got Me Thru, Pull Up, My Sub(s), etc. Feel like this was one of those "different direction" albums, which really just makes me anticipate the next one more.
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Last album was better. Not sure if this is better than Cadillactica, but I like it. Make It Easy is my favorite.
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This album might grow on me some more but I was kinda disappointed. The latter half of the album is what I'm feeling tho. My favorites are Family Matters, Blue Flame Ballet, Outer Space, and Believe. I feel like earlier in his career he could have got bigger name producers to come in and help with an album like this
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Almost done with the album and it's a good one, not as good as the last one but it's still good. Gonna be played often when I'm cleaning up or riding along
Disappointed in the Cole track, really expected them both to go real hard and ended up with KRIT going kinda easy and Cole being personal about a fan

I like Blue Flame Ballet, as an idea just wasn't executed as well as it should have been
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I am actually really feeling this album. i think i like it more then 4eva is a mighty long time. With all the good music out right now, im going to be honest, i didn't expect to be coming back to this album multiple times. But between this, Gibbs x madlib, and Benny's new EP....some great stuff man
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Album is growing on me. I was having a hard time adjusting to not hearing his production on the album and the sequencing. But I found myself humming some of the songs i wasnt feeling quite often.

Dont get me wrong I am still disappointed by the record with him and Cole. But I still hum it lol

Proud of dude getting his due man. Just wish the industry would support him like they do some of the others.

He submitted it for a Grammy too, I pray he gets the nod just off GP.

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He only did one beat on here, that's why it feels different. I still love the Krit Is Here song, it has the classic Krit feel. That's why I'm disappointed in the rear of the album.
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I Like the album, do feel 2nd half it falls off, I like cole track but think they could of done something bigger.
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Cole track should have been the best track on the album, unfortunately it's just a pretty good song
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Wasn't feelin this album too much during my first listen. Perhaps he should stick to handling the production himself :lol:. I'll give the album another listen tho to see if it grows on me at all.
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Finally gave the album a full listen. Not my favorite of his, but I didn't personally feel like the second half took too big of a quality dip like some comments had me thinking it might.

Believe and Learned From Texas :pimp:
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That Breakfast Club interview is :rofl: and it answered every question I've had about why this album sounds like it does. Krit only produced 1 song, Rico Love (think that's who he said) executive produced it, Cole previously advised him to reach out to different producers (which is funny coming from Cole cause Krit's production and is 1000% times better than Cole's), and he wanted to try to make some big records in general. Good album, but I'm already looking forward to whatever his next release is. I'm 100% fine with him producing his one stuff. There's just so much soul in it. I ended up revisiting some other Krit projects, along with Bun B's album last year that Krit executive produced, and it was basically the elder statesmen version of what Krit would have done for himself.


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This album has grown on me over the last week, been enjoying the hell out of it.

Make it Easy is the song of 2019
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