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Joined Jul 18, 2012
I got in on doge at $0.40 thinking it was too late when it was pennies before. Then it dropped like 20% and now it's at $0.58 and y'all talking about it's too late to buy in to crypto
Although I get what you're saying, throwing a couple hundred dollars at something that cost less that a pack of buble gum feels differently than when you throw that same amount into something that cost more than a brand new car... Lol

But I'm happy for everyone out here flourishing. It's a great time to be alive.! Lol. This crypto **** is insane.
Joined Mar 14, 2014
there's no turning back on crypto. it's only going to get bigger. better adapt fast. competing with these kids and developers is a losing battle so need as much head start as possible haha. older heads with capital. forget the stock market
Joined Aug 9, 2014
I wonder if there's a term or something for the people (me, and a lot of my friends) who rode the crypto roller coaster from 2017 to 2018 and got so turned off by it...and now are bitterly trying to login to our binance accounts to figure out what the hell is going on

i'm not gonna lie i'm still turned off by it but that was my wife last night, trying to get back into her binance, and she's been hinting at wanting to buy cyrpto again for a couple months i guess. it does kind of resemble the times back then when you couldn't miss on anything, everyone was like "oh damn i'm late" + "no its so early"
Joined Jan 22, 2010
I probably wouldn’t risk my whole life savings but I feel like if you stick to these coins at the very worst (if you’re impatient) you could pull your investment back out.

has there been any coins that have completely tanked and never recovered?
Joined Aug 2, 2008
Yeah I’m at DOGE for .036, all of the volatility is what it is.

Restriction seems lifted by RH. Very curious that DOGE and ETH make a run and then they have issues with trading. :rofl:
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