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That is how I'm currently doing it... it is instant. I'm just trying to see the benefit of using GDAX instead of Coinbase. It seems like you can put in limit orders, etc. - but you are still hampered by the same waiting period for bank account transfers.
Oh yeah it’s great for leaving limit orders open during huge drops.
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that's the creator of litecoin. he always comes out saying stupid **** on twitter. purely from a marketing standpoint he makes himself look foolish so many times. why even say some stuff like that when your coin is performing well. he's getting roasted in all the group chats im in. I mean it's pretty obvious what he's doing, but sheesh
After seeing what our president has to say on twitter im not surprised at all by these new CEOs. No more public relations staff i guess...dudes writing on their twitter while sitting on the can lol


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Hopefully my bank just let's the transactions go through this time via my debit card. Going to put a little more into each of the big 3 this week.
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Bought LTC at $45 sold at $100. Used money to buy BTC.

Rolling with BTC, ETH, and XMR. Hodling


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Some skin in the IOTA game now. Only around $50 worth so not too much of a gamble at all.
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How do i get into this tonight.. this is literally my first post in the bitcoin thread, i don't know much. but i keep hearing good things.

Where do i begin, does it take a lot to start..

Someone lead me in the right direction, lets all win !! thanks in advance :smokin :smokin :smokin

- much luv, stay freshhhh !! :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:
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